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Wednesday night, I spent the night at my friend Alicia's house. Ashley, Amy, & Maranda slept over, too. It was really fun. The most entertainment came when we went to the grocery store. Maranda got IN the cart, & we all went through & picked whatever horrible junk food we wanted (me? cake mix, ice cream sandwiches, Philly Swirl, & Mug root beer). We had a lot of fun in the grocery store. Then we went back, made ranch & onion dip (of course, I avoided the onion dip with a ten foot pole), & talked about sex. That's always fun.

The drama began when we went to the pool.

Alicia lives in a community where every pays an association fee to use the pool/spa, etc. You have to have a little bar thingy to scan to get into the pool. We had all just bounced off the diving board & into the pool when a teenage boy jumped the fence, & let 3 other teenagers in (it was a high fence, too). Alicia asked them if they had a key, & one of them said something about his mother coming later with the key. Amy said to just leave them alone, & let them come in. I thought that was a mistake, just because I got a weird vibe from them. Can't explain it, but I felt they were trouble. Two more teenagers came, jumping the fence. They knew each other. A few more came, & the teenagers already in let them in. Later, we were at the end of the pool, & Amy noticed 2 of the boys at the other end talking about us. She said she could tell they were gesturing about my hairdo (it was pretty distinct). Then the boys threw a chair in the pool, & then another. Alicia asked them nicely to please take the chair out of the pool. One of the boys said, "No, I'm cool." Alicia said, "I don't give a fuck who you are, take the chair out of the pool." He didn't. Finally, the rest of the teens got out of the jacuzzi, so we headed down that way. As we walked towards it, the teens started saying, "Quick, run back to the jacuzzi," so we couldn't get it. Then we passed by them, Ashley & Maranda first (who weigh around 100 pounds...and Ashley is a cheerleader, & they are BOTH very cute girls!), then me, & then Amy. I am voluptuous & so is Amy. Amy has much nicer legs than I do, but she's thicker through the middle. So is Alicia. I guess they were making shitty comments, saying things like they all fit in the jacuzzi, but how would all OUR asses fit in at once (it's a big jacuzzi & there were only 5 of us....come on). Amy is very confrontational, & stopped by the pool & said, "Any of you smart guys want to make any nasty comments to my face, instead of saying them as we walk by?" The punk asshole ring leader (the one with the chair in the pool), said, "You girls work out?" An obvious slam on our weight. Amy was like, "Wow, that was clever. Real good. Very original." He then asked her, "You play soccer," a comment referring to her being Mexican. Amy didn't get his meaning at the time, but if she had....ooooooooo, I gaurantee that boy wouldn't have walked out with his dick attached. She then asked them, "How old are you guys?" One girl said, "I'm 21." Right. They weren't a day past 15-17 years old. Amy replied, "More like you're a bitch, & you guys are a bunch of assholes." And then she came & got in the jacuzzi. When we got back to Alicia's a while later, Alicia called security. Unfortunately, the biggest asshole of the bunch had left before us, so regardless, he got away with being a prick.

Those kids were assholes last night. When I was a teenager, was NEVER mean to people like that. I couldn't even fathom it. I think the problem was that they thought we were all THEIR age, so they felt they could make fun. Surely, they wouldn't make fun of an adult within earshot! Amy don't take no shit from no one. I admire her for that. But how rude. What possesses someone to be so nasty? Inner unhappiness? Crappy parenting? A rottenness in their soul from birth? What? I cannot even imagine saying something cruel to someone's face, someone I don't even know, who has never done anything to me. My thought? I may be fat, but they're ugly (at least on the inside) & I can diet.
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