Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

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I bought a photo editing program to use. Microsoft Picture It! I recently installed it to my pc. It says on the box that it's Windows XP compatible.

I just clicked on it to use it, & it's FULL of script errors. I can't access the program, it just keeps giving script error after script error.

It tells me what to do to check compatibility with Windows XP. I would think I wouldn't have to do that since it's SAYS it's Windows XP Compatible!!!! But I click start, help & support, & then "find compatible hardware & software for Windows XP." It says I need an internet connection. I, obviously, have one. I click on it to search, it says I have no internet connection. Again, obviously, I do, since I am on the net right now. I continually click on "try again," & continually tells me I am not connected. WTF??? So what to do now???? Sheesh....
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