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I find defense attorneys to be a bit dispicable. I am mainly referring to the ones who defend people whom they KNOW are guilty. My sister is a lawyer, & I used to have this argument. She would tell me that even IF someone was guilty of something, they STILL deserved a defense. My arguments was that some things are indefensible. You cannot defend yourself from drunk driving. There is NO defense for that. There is no defense for molesting a child. There is no defense for killing someone in cold blood...no defense for raping someone. When you defend someone like a child rapist/killer, & all the evidence points to this person's guilt (even DNA, etc.), & you feel they probably are....HOW can you defend such a person AND sleep at night? HOW? Especially if you, yourself, have young children?

I don't get it.

I was thinking about that shitty comment that nasty boy said about my weight & the weight of my friends. It reminded me of a comment Kayla said about me once. She was always insecure about her body, which I thought was gorgeous. I was complimenting her on her body, & I said, "I'd love to have your body for just one day!" She turned around & said, "I'd love to have your body for a day, too.....so I could lose ten pounds & give it back to you." Ummm...yeah, cause it's that easy! *hmph*
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