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My lakehouse

You might have heard me mention that I get to go to my family's lakehouse in September. I seriously couldn't be more excited. I can barely stand to wait the 3 weeks I have to wait! I have not visited my lakehouse since 1999, & I would LIKE to get there every summer. Just didn't work out that way. But thanks to a wonderful friend, I am able to get there this year.

Here's two pictures of the lake, so you might understand why I want to go there so badly. It's just....peaceful to me...and contains a LOT of good memories.

This is a view of our pier & boathouse from the house...it's quite a view.

This is a view of the house, itself, from the pier. That's my sister & my ex-boyfriend on the sidewalk.

If you live anywhere near Pell City, AL, & think you'd like to come out for the day, respond here or send me an email. No "partying," just relaxing, sunning, & swimming.

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