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Rain rain go away....

I don't like rain. I appreciate it, as something we need in the world. But I don't like it. I don't like rainy days. I mean, they are not awful if you can sit home all day, but how often do you not have work or errands or appointments or anything? I HATE getting out in the rain. It's dangerous to drive in Cali in the rain. For one thing, IDIOTS still drive 75-85 in heavy rain. Some people just don't have a clue about changing your driving method for inclement weather. For instance, today, I needed to go to the grocery store. Can you imagine if it had already started to pour when I need to go? Carrying your groceries to your car, they get soaked, & so do you. Then you have to carry them into your house in the rain, & usually, you have to make more than one trip. Miserable! Luckily, it was just sprinkling when I got home, & I just had time to cover the jacuzzi with a tarp, before it started pouring. It really came down for a while, a few minutes ago. Now it's settled down a bit. It's just a pain. My laundry room is outside the house in the backyard. So if I want to do laundry, everything gets soaked. I need to put up a canopy from the back door to the laundry room, and cover Toby's doghouse, too, since it's made out of wood.

I got the prettiest new nail polish. I am really not a girly-girl, not someone to wear nailpolish, but this one caught my eye. It's kind of an iridescent color, when you look at it one way, it looks purple; another, it looks green. It also has tints of pink; very pretty. But after only 2 days, it's already chipped off. THAT's exactly what I hate about wearing nail polish. I just cannot be bothered to take it off & re-apply it every 2 days. What a pain. And I wouldn't have fake nails put on if my life depending on it. But I have pretty nice nails. I did get some pretty glitter colors, & those are easier to re-apply without having to take off the old, cause they are not solid colors.

You know I am bored when I am talking about nail polish.

So I had my annual pap smear today. Always such a pleasant experience. Actually, it wasn't so bad. I couldn't believe how many girls were there for the "morning after" pill. Do these girls not use birth control? How foolish. Or maybe the condom broke. Anyway, I sure felt sorry for them. I actually made friends with the girl sitting next to me, & we ended up sitting there giggling. I said, "Having fun is highly inappropriate at this kind of place," which made us & the girls around us giggle. Everyone was really nice (the girls waiting)...it's like a bonding experience. I felt badly for one couple (male & female) who came in together, asking to be seen for the same symptoms (burning). For whatever reason, they were turned away. I was a little irritated that walk-ins were called before I was, cause I had an appointment. Anyway, the doctor on duty this day was a really nice woman, I liked her a lot. She was comforting & had a great bedside manner.

Which made Bethany & I (the girl sitting next to me!) wonder something....why are there so many more male doctors than female? She's like me, neither of us will see a male doctor for a GYN exam. And yet there are so few women doctors, in any genre. I have a regular female doctor....but in the 2 years or so I have had my plan, I have NEVER seen her. She is always booked so far in advance, I have to see another (male) doctor in the practice. Female doctors are in demand, & very popular (I think it's because women are naturally more sensitive, so a lot more likely to have a comforting, nurturing bedside manner). So why aren't there more of them? Why are the majority of doctors male & nurses female? Why don't more women want to be doctors? We NEED more female doctors.

Also, I found myself wondering this....what in the world would make someone grow up & decide that they want to look at vaginas all day? I mean, you have dreams, as a youngster...you wanna be a princess, a fireman, a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader (Ok, that was just me).....but a gynocologist? Vaginas are ugly things...and smelly (sometimes)....and can you imagine looking at one that is dirty or infected? Aiyiyi! How gross! I mean, I thank GOD for people who ARE willing to do it, but still....I simply cannot imagine.

Anyway....she said everything looked fine & dandy, & I got my 13 month supply of Ortho-Tri-Cyclen. Wooo-hooo! I gave a donation of $20, & I so badly wanted it to be more....but I really couldn't even afford that! Planned Parenthood is an organization I will help when I am wealthy. I think they do a great service. It's funny, cause I kept hearing other girls talk about how rude they are at this office. But they were nice to me. In my experience, when you show a little human kindness & interest in people (MOST people, not ALL), they will, in turn, be kind to you. The girl who took my blood pressure & weighed me seemed unfriendly....until I asked her why they weren't off for the holiday & about her Thanksgiving plans. Then her mood visably lightened & she was telling me about the upcoming holiday, etc. And on the way out, I told her I hoped she had a good Thanksgiving, & she wished me the same. I didn't see any hint of anyone being rude to me. Sometimes they can be non-commental, that's for sure, cause they are busy & see so many people.

Robert & Becki had to leave early yesterday because Becki had to be at work at 5PM. The show probably wasn't over until about 4:30. And she still had to go home to change. She actually called me this morning to apologize. He emailed me today to apologize & we are chatting online right now. He's so busy, with school full-time & 2-3 jobs.

Well, I think I am going to log off for now, & go do something else. I am sleepy & bored. I dislike sleeping so late, cause when you wake up, the day is practically gone. I was up til 3AM writing in my journal, & woke up around 11:30 when Becki called. Way too late to sleep....I just hate that. But I always try to get 8 hours of sleep, no matter what time I go to bed.

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