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Just when I mistakenly assume that things can't get any worse....they do.

The only REMOTE way that I was going to have enough money to pay my "first of the month" bills before leaving for AL (not talking about all my other bills, just the mandatory ones like rent, health & car insurance) was by working full-time, 5 days, at Knott's through the rest of the summer.

The schedule came out yesterday.....we are all scheduled off Mon-Fri, so I'd only pick up TWO days that week. Apparently, everyone goes back to school (a prime reason to STOP hiring people who are in school) on the 19th or so, so only 4 of us are available to work (a full cast is 6....and you can get away with 5). My paycheck will go down from around $325 to around $140 or so. WTF?!?!? How am I supposed to manage? This is AWFUL! I HAVE to pay these bills BEFORE I leave! What am I gonna do? I can call in available for stand-in/extra work, but that doesn't mean I will get anything.

My goodness....I just have no clue what I am gonna do...


OKAY, God...I've had enough! Enough is enough! Can ya cut me some slack now, please? If you are testing my limits, then you know I can't take much more!
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