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I just gotta say that the story of the little 4 year old Mexican girl who was kidnapped made me ill.

Thank GOD she was found safe. Happy ending. YAY!

But come on....I FULLY blame this on the parents. These "model parents" left the little girl UNATTENDED in a public park for TWO PLUS HOURS, & frequently did this. They are immigrants who don't speak a lick of English, & were hot dog vendors in the park. They would leave their young children with people they "knew" in the park for hours at a time. Come on...unless you have hired & paid someone to watch your child, it's no one else's responsibility to do it. These people probably had children of their own to watch. You cannot turn your back for a second on your kids these days...they will be gone. This would be similar to dropping your 4 year old off at the beach for 2 hours, alone, & then coming back & wondering where in the heck she went. Give me a break! TWO HOURS! ALONE! This appalls me! Don't give me some crap about how they needed to make a living. For one thing, we all know how I feel about this...if you cannot afford to properly care for your kids, you shouldn't be having them. And if you just HAVE to work a park at the SAME time, then get one of those leashes & keep your kid with you at ALL times....the son with dad, the daughter with mom, or vice versa. You don't go to work & leave your 4 year old at home, alone, do you? Would you? Would you go to a park & not watch your child for 2 hours? Come on! This story just boiled my blood! I didn't wish ANY harm on the innocent child...but these "parents" should have their children taken away. They obviously don't know how or are unable to properly care for them. It makes me want to PUKE how much attention & free gifts & everything else this family is getting now...when the attention they SHOULD be getting is from child social services, to investigate taking their children away.

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