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That word always catches so much attention.

Frankly, I am sick of it.

Not talking about it...but the actual action itself.

So as we all know, I am a member of a few different dating sites (which is rather ironic since I really don't want to date right now). One of them, Hot or Not, has ads that have made me think lately.

In so many of the men's profiles, they list "sex" at one of their hobbies. OK...it's like this...if you consider sex a hobby, you have serious issues. Sex is an enjoyable, even fun, thing when had with the right person. But if you go around having sex as a "fun" thing & try to have as much as possible with as many girls as you can, you are a man-whore...and possibly spreading diseases!

Skating is a hobby; bowling; knitting; golfing; driving; baking; cooking; latch-hooking; gardening; pottery; surfing; etc., etc.....there are many hobbies. But SEX????? Sex is not a hobby. Sex should be something wonderful shared between two people who care about each other. Too old-fashioned for you? Tough. But I can understand people wanting to have it. But listing it as a hobby??? Come one! You've got to be joking! If you would ever choose having sex over doing something fun & active (such as rollerblading at the beach), then you have a problem. This is, of course, just my opinion. But it disturbs me how many guys think of sex as a hobby. It worries me, too. How am I EVER going to find a man who doesn't put that much emphasis on sex? It's not that I dislike sex. I definitely don't. But if I never had it again, I truly wouldn't miss it. And I can almost always think of something better to do than have sex. I definitely want a man who is interested in sex & finds me physically desirable. But I don't want a man who wants it all the time, daily, or 3 times a night, or anything like that. I want a man who's libido is equal to mine...which is, admittedly, almost non-existent. Is that going to even be possible? Males have such a huge sex drive. I almost think it's a joke from God...giving men such a high sex drive over women. And then I look at my sister & see what a nympho she is, & there goes that theory! Every guy I meet seems to have this larger-than-life libido. As soon as that comes up, I have to stop seeing that guy. It's just not my thing. Are there any men out there who don't care that much about sex? Who enjoy it when they have it, but if they don't get it, that's okay, too (like me)?

And that's rhetorical. ;-�

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