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Ok, here's a reminder post for chappell activities. Anyone is welcome at any of these activities.

Thursday, the 29th, we are going to Santa Monica Pier for the day, & will have a nice dinner somewhere that night.

Friday, the 30th, we are going to storm Hollywood, & then go to the Boulevard for karaoke that night (approx. 9PM).

Saturday, the 31st, we need someone to entertain Chappell & Meredith during the day & get them to Redondo Beach (or Knott's) in time for dinner at the notorious Joe's Crab Shack in Redondo for dinner, around 5-6PM. (Alice has to be in bed around 9PM on work nights.) OR maybe it would work better to do Joe's on Sunday, after Knott's, since they will already be with me....we'll see.

Sunday, Chappell, izzicam, & Meredith are going to Knott's Berry Farm. We probably will eat at one of my fave Mexican restaurants afterwards, Mexi Casa in Anaheim.

Tuesday night, I am taking Chappell, Meredith, mr_dark & amythyst to the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, but I CANNOT invite others to this...I have a VERY limited guest list. But if you have interest in the MC, let me know, cause I might be able to get you in at a later date.

Post yer interest here, & I will post a reminder next week, closer to the actual dates.
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