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My take on tonight's American Idol....

They all disappointed. Poor Kelly & Tamyra have noticable vocal strain (I know the feeling all too well), & Justin sounded like he had a bit, too. Nikki did okay for Nikki. She really is a pretty girl...but she should consider modeling, & step away from singing, since she can't do it very well. It wasn't anyone's strong night. They need some vocal rest. When you are a big singing star, you can take a rest when you need to....so it's not fair to push these guys like this.

But I have this to say...Randy, Paula, & Simon...their sniping at each other works my nerves. They each have an opinion....state your opinion, & move on. Why must they comment on each other's opinions, insult each other for their opinions, etc.? They don't have to agree. That's why there's 3 judges & not just one...to get 3 varying points of view. Randy & Simon disagree, they start to argue, it gets heated. Simon says Justin's second song bit, Paula insults him & calls him crazy. Simon is entitled to his opinion, & frankly, USUALLY is dead-on, hurtful or not. I would trust his opinion over the other two, because they pad their words & wipe the contestants asses gently, while Simon tells it straight. I prefer straight honesty over coddling any day. But stop arguing over an OPINION. It's an OPINION, it can't really be argued. One person thinks Nikki did well, someone else doesn't agree. We get it. Move on.

If Nikki doesn't get voted off next week, I think I will lose all faith in American voters. Have some sense people...I don't care HOW good she looks, & how "great" her sense of style is (I think she usually looks like a clown), she CAN'T SING! Recording contracts are not awarded based on sense of style or attractiveness...or they shouldn't be. It should be based on talent. Period. And she ain't got much. Period.

The one with the most raw, true talent---even with vocal strain---is Kelly, second runner up, Tamyra.

But hey...that's just MY opinion!
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