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Eleven days til my trip to Alabama.

I am getting excited, but still have a lot of things (re: stress) to deal with before I leave. For one thing, I must take care of all my first of the month bills before I go, since I won't be back until the 12th. And naturally, I am broke. What's new there?

I am trying to decide if I should invite my ex-boyfriend out to the lakehouse. I will be seeing him Thursday night before we head out to the lake. He is the drummer in a band, & he's invited us to be his guests at a gig in town that night. And then I am supposed to spend more time with him Tuesday night in Birmingham, after we leave the lake. He's a great, fun guy. I think chappell would get along well with him. I guess I will play it by ear.

I am still hoping a few LJers will make it out there, but no confirmations yet. There's still time.

I feel a lot of pressure to clean my house. Not just for Chappell, but also because it's just awful. Oh well...it will be clean enough. The kitchen, bathroom, & their living room space will be tidy. I MIGHT get to straightening the pc room, but who knows? And I doubt I will get to my room at all, but they won't be going in there for any reason anyway, so I am not worried about that. I do not have ONE single day off before they get here, though, so it's a matter of finding the energy to straighten when I get home from a long hot day of performing. And still get in bed by 8-9PM (I need plenty of sleep when I'm stressed).

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