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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 84380
Date Created:03/26/01
Number of Posts: 668

Alice is a LJ addict. The second she's home, she's online, checking for responses to her recent entries. When she wakes up, she's checking again. Quite sad, really. What a goob.
Strengths: Alice is a great friend, always there with a comforting *hug* & a *grin*. Sometimes she can be quite funny...but that's rare.
Weaknesses: Quick to ire (it's that Irish temper), & sure to (unintentionally) stir up LJ drama. Too passionate, too opinionated.
Special Skills: Acting, singing, dancing, flirting, looking adorable, writing loooooooong LJ entries.
Weapons: Irish temper, sharp tongue, sarcasm, intelligence.
Allies: chappell, erinbir, mistertibbs, katrowell, robont, adrienned, kcmosher, amythyst, & many, many others

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