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I caught up today with a girl I met over the internet many years ago. I met her when I went into a lesbian chat room, shortly after my sister surprised me by telling me she had been dating a woman. So I went into this lesbian chat room, & met this very nice woman named Jennifer. We kept in touch for a long time, but fell out of touch, somehow. Recently, I downloaded Yahoo Messenger, & she located me through that....apparently, my inactive yahoo address was the only one she had.

We chatted briefly today, because she was at work. She told me that her brother had worked on the 100th floor of WTC1. He, obviously, perished in the attack. She was one of the many people running for their lives across the bridge. She's been in therapy ever since that day.

This is the first I know of someone who actually lost someone that close to me. My friend, Rob, he lost a family friend in the WTC, but not a family member. I can't even imagine what the survivors are going through.
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