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Knott's Scary Farm/Halloween Haunt

So it's official. I WILL be performing in Knott's Scary Farm this year (or Halloween Haunt). I will be Malice in Wunderland in the Malice in Wunderland maze. It was one of the most sought after mazes to perform in this year, & they pulled a spot just for me, before the public & last year's performers got to choose! :-) I hear it's a cool maze, cause it's all in black light, & just more "trippy" than necessarily "scary." My costume is HIDEOUS. A really ugly dress with a bloody apron, pink tights, a day-glo green curly, really, really cheap wig, & kabuki-like make-up (really, really pale white with funky eyes, etc.). I should be fairly unrecognizable.

I am a bit nervous cause I have always avoided Haunt like the plague. I have worked for Knott's for 4+ years, & have never even ATTENDED Haunt (well, briefly, once...as part of a publicity stunt). I am terrified of such things. I don't like scary movies. I don't go into haunted houses. I don't ENJOY being scared. So it should be interesting to be PART OF something so scary. Haunt really packs people in....on the more popular nights, the lines for the mazes can be 2 hours long!!!! I am just gonna kinda chill & look crazy...rather than trying to scare people. I don't want to wreck my vocal cords by screaming & stuff. I really have no idea what I will be doing. They told me that one of the Malices stands in front of baby parts on a wall, drags a knife back & forth, & says, "My baby....my baby...." over & over. I might just be running around with a big knife. I really don't know yet, & won't know for a while. I am "Malice #4," which people keep referring to as "Queen Malice" or the "main" Malice. The hiring book said, "Slender Female." HA!!!

Anyway.....I can get tickets at a MAJOR discount if there are those who would like to go. I can either get discounts for regular Haunt nights (which aren't substantial, I don't think, but in today's world, every little bit helps), or I can get REALLY cheap "employee night" tickets, (like somewhere close to $20 as opposed to the $40-50 the tickets regularly cost, I think), but those are only for particular nights. Also...I would need money for the tickets UP FRONT, because I don't have money to front the cost.

I am telling you....if you have never been to Haunt, & you enjoy being scared, it is an experience you need to have. justj wants to put together a group to come. I will NOT be performing in the maze Oct-29th-31st, but I will be there every other Haunt night.

Let me know if you are interested.

Click on the "30 years of Fears....Halloween Haunt" link at the bottom.
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