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I just got back from dropping chappell & the lovely Meredith off at Dollar Rental Car (they are driving up the coast today), & going on to a reading.


I was reading for the part of the tortoise in a production of "the tortoise & the hare" that Garry Marshall is going to be doing for kids at his theatre.

Here's how Garry told me that I would be reading for it: "You can read for this part because the tortoise doesn't have to be hot & pretty." Ummmm....thank you, Mr. Marshall. I guess that means I am neither. That does wonders for my self-esteem. Yes, I KNOW I have a weight problem...don't need the reminder, thanks. And hey, heavy or not, I think I am fairly pretty!

Anyway....Garry also told me recently that I "overact." One of his assistants, Tommy, thinks Garry means when I am doing film/tv (& AM pretty hammy in that one close-up of "Princess Diaries"), NOT theatre. You HAVE to be big in theatre, particularly children's theatre. And since theatre is almost all I've done...it stands to reason that I am better suited for it, at this point, since it's what I am used to.

So I go to this reading. Tommy is putting me on tape, so that Garry can watch it at his leisure. I don't know when they are casting it, & I haven't seen any audition notices for it for the public yet. Tommy sets up the tape, while Jessica (an intern) & I start running the scene. I memorized it in 5 minutes last night, because it's a LOT better to have it memorized than to hold the sides. I was fairly confident on the lines. I told mistertibbs that I was just going to go in there with a "fuck it" attitude, & just do my best. If they think I overact, they can kiss it.

So Tommy hears us reading it a bit, & we do it once on tape. Then he goes to get somebody. He ends up bringing in the writer, the guy who wrote the script to this, Thorne. Nooooo, THAT'S not intimidating. So I read it on tape a few more times, with him there.

At one point, Tommy asked me to be a bit "louder" & "bigger." However, I was scared to get TOO loud or big, cause of what Garry told me.

After the audition, Thorne stayed behind to talk to Tommy, & Jessica & I walked back to the office (she was really cool). When I got in my car, I called Tommy. I asked him how I did, & he said, "Great...that's why I brought Thorne in to see you, I think you are perfect for this role." I explained to him what Garry told me, & why I wasn't being too loud or "big," & he said Garry was wrong to say that, & probably meant film, & again said I'd be perfect for this role. I told him the comment Garry made about me not needing to be "hot or pretty," & he said, "Yeah, he's got a way about him sometimes. But the tortoise can't be some 6 foot tall, model type actress. She's just got to be adorable & lovable, & you are exactly that." Awwwwwwwwwww.......

So it went well...but I ain't holding my breath. I will assume I WON'T get it, & don't care...unless I hear otherwise. All I can do is my best. And I think I DID read it well.

Oh well.

I must go pack.
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