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Well, I am out of here.

I am leaving for LAX in 45 minutes, off to my family's lakehouse. And no, I don't have money to travel many times a year, this trip was a gift. Oh I know, I am a mooch. Mooch, mooch, mooch...that's me. *cheery smile*

I can't be happier to get away. I am soooo excited to get there, I am almost dying! I can't stand it! I am not looking forward to dealing with LAX (usually avoid it like the plague), nor traveling, but it's worth it. I cannot WAIT to be at my lakehouse. I cannot WAIT to waterski (haven't in 4 years). I cannot WAIT to ride the waverunner. I am soooo happy!!!! I cannot WAIT to see some LJ friends out there.

I NEED this mental vacation.

I will probably not be around LJ at all, & if so, it will be VERY brief, when I have a chance to use someone's computer. So when you don't see anything from me, or very little, you know why. If anything happens to me, just know how much I appreciate all of you!!! :-)

Take care, y'all, I love ya all (well, those of you on my friends list anyway, not the losers who are reading cause they can't let go)!!!!

Peace out!!!! *hugs*

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