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Those of you who were considering going to Knott's Scary Farm/Halloween Haunt, stay tuned here for discount ticket info. I left the info with the dates at work, but I can get some REALLY cheap tickets for y'all! If you are willing to go in the first of the month (Oct.), I can get tickets for about $21 each, I think. Mid-month, around $25ish, & late month, around $28. I just don't have the dates in front of me. Anyone who's gone in the past knows what a good deal that price is, cause Haunt tickets aren't cheap. Plus, you get to see ME! Heh-heh. I would have to have your money BEFORE I buy the tickets, but it's just sooo much cheaper than what you'd normally pay.
You can't pass this up, doooodes.

For regular folks without the hook-ups, pre-sale tickets are $38, & Haunt night tickets are $42! And I can get ya in for $21!!!!! Such a deal! Hey baby hey baby hey!

Post yer interest here. I will post dates/exact prices tomorrow night.

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