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Ooooooeeeeeee....I feel my blood boiling.

I hate rude people more than just about anything on the planet.

I ordered an electronic item (no, not a sex toy, get yer minds out of the gutter) about 2.5 years ago, & it shorted out. It cost $300. It shorted about a little over a year after using it. I wrote the company a letter because I couldn't find the phone number, but had the mailing address. I heard nothing in return, even though I included my phone numbers.

I recently found the number, so I called the guy. I explained what happened, & he actually remembered me, but said he didn't know how to respond to a letter. I explained the situation, & he said they have a 1 year warranty, & they had had many problems with this product, & didn't even carry it anymore. I asked him if he would replace it, or at least charge me a just a small fee to replace it, since he's admitting the product was crap. He basically laughed in my face. Seriously. I asked him what my course of action was, & he said I would have to purchase a new one. I mentioned that I had found a similar product on the internet that came with a lifetime guarantee, & if he only offered a one year....he said, "ooh, I'd grab it if that's the case, but no such thing exists, m'am, & if you called just to be rude, save it." And promptly hung up in my face. This is a company, folks. Did what I said sound "rude" to you? I just mentioned a different company with a better warranty, & I didn't even say it with a snide attitude. I didn't know if maybe they offered a better one with the new product he carried. I called him back & said, "Excuse me sir, I wasn't trying to be rude to you, there was no reason to hang up in my face." And he said, "I'm sorry if you weren't, & I'm sorry if I was, but there is no company that is going to offer a lifetime warranty." I said that I would be happy to send him the website address so he could verify it for himself. He got rude again, so I said, "Is this how they treat people in Texas?" And he said, "I guess so." So I said, "Well, then, Texas sucks." And hung up.

Arggggggghhhh! I HATE rude people. And I HATE it more when there's not a damn thing I can do about such treatment. Take my business elsewhere...big deal. Oh well....karma is a bitch.
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