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All this talk of "no HBO to watch The Sopranos" & "no Showtime to watch all their great shows." My friend caught an episode of "Sex & the City" & now she wants to see it all the time. Yeah, so do I, but I can't afford it.

Anyway...she's looking into Direct TV or just adding HBO & Showtime to her current bill (must be nice....*grumble*). She can't decide which is better, so I said I'd gather some opinions here. Gee, if only there were some opinionated people on LJ. *smirk*

She currently has regular cable, & is paying $41.13 a month, including taxes. HBO is $12.99, & Showtime is $11.99, so she would pay around $66.11. If she gets Direct TV, for 3 TVs in their house, including equipment & installation, she will get tons of channels (however, who watches all those channels, anyway?), she will pay about $69.99, but that doesn't include taxes, & there's no telling how much those will be. So, minus taxes (it's only $2.18 for taxes with cable), it's a difference of $3.88. So cable is cheaper, by $4+. But Direct TV gets raves.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to cable & Direct TV? Cable can go out...can Direct TV? Can't something happen to your satellite? Pros & cons please, people. Mucho gracias. :-)

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