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aunticrist's recent post (on tacos not sitting well with his stomach....sorry to hear that!), reminded me of a funny story.

My grandmother & my mother went to visit my sister when she was living just outside of Atlanta.

My sister & her boyfriend at the time decided to take them to their favorite Mexican food restaurant.

I am not sure my grandmother---the quintessential Southern Belle/socialite---had ever BEEN to a Mexican restaurant (she mostly dines at the Country Club!). Heck, when I took my friend, Enrique, home for a visit, he was the first Mexican she had ever met! So she didn't know what burritos were, or quesadillas, or enchiladas, etc. So she had the poor waiter spend TEN MINUTES to explain what EVERYTHING on the menu was. After these 10 minutes of explanation, she lays the menu down & says, (complete with Southern accent) "I'll just take a tack-co." That is the way she pronounced it, "tack-o," not "tock-o." Heh-heh...
I am quite sure my sister was ready to disappear under the table.

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