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The answers to the questions I have received so far:

circlek Most definitely YES, but that doesn't do me any good. Not gonna happen. And please keep that to yourself...not that others aren't smart, too. ;-Þ

txgirlie With a man, yes...alone, no. Open-minded, that's me. :-)

madmravyn I love that movie. Started going when I was 12!!!! Used to play Columbia, but not really in costume (do a great singing imitation of her)...but I would, sure.

aunticrist Lately, all of it (can't figure out the attachments....heh-heh...that's gonna read funny)....usually a strip.

quenya I haven't really played any roles I didn't enjoy, but I did have a bad experience. When I did "West Side Story," my boyfriend kept cheating on me with another girl in the cast...actually, he'd go back & forth between us, & that caused all kinds of tension between him & I & her & I. Also, a bunch of people from Disneyland were in the show with me...and were really mean. So there were some bad times within that show backstage...but DOING the show was still fun. I just love to perform...but backstage moments are not always the greatest.

duhneese Email me & I'll tell you....IF you can keep a secret! :-) (Obviously can't post that publicly!)

Wheeeeeeee! This is REALLY fun!!!! More, more!!!!

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