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fireguy455 It had it's pros & cons. The performing was usually great...the "powers that be" sucked. They don't give a hoot about their employees.

perpetualmotion That depends on a lot of things. And I don't think you are doing that, anyway....are you? ;-Þ

denisbaldwin A penis. Well, that & some gross foods. ;-Þ

lavida Well, for being a good human being, my mom. For acting...well, there's lot of actors I admire. :-)

zippyd I worked on "Exit to Eden," & stood out as the only one in the chorus who could REALLY sing. Sent in headshot/resume after the flick, went in to read old scripts...the rest is history.

matte That's a tough call. Briscoe is more rational, but Sipowicz usually gets his man. Briscoe is a more balanced, "healthy" person, & probably has a lot less stress. And I don't know what your second question meant! :-)

littlesunshine Planning on it....can you email me directions from the 5 fwy north?

hollywood That's an excellent question, one I'm not sure I can answer. I'd like to be remembered as an excellent role model...as someone who avoided the evils of the world (drugs, alcohol, tobacco) & was a damn decent human being.

inushnu Not really into that...does the Disneyland parking lot in my car count???

ohmyhead I don't think that would be a good idea...but it's a tempting offer. ;-Þ

mr_dark Well, beyond the OBVIOUS, do certain skilled things to my neck...without leaving hickies (hence the "skilled" part). But the bottom line to getting me turned on is the attraction between us...and then it can just be a look. I experienced that recently. *giggle* (And that's not embarrassing!) :-)

MORE! MORE! Bring it on!!!!

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