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Mad TV

I booked work for tomorrow! Yea!

I am working on "Mad TV." I have no idea what I will be doing, but I am a photo double for Alex. I don't watch the show, so I am not sure who she is or what she looks like or if I look anything like her. I called Central today to see if they had any work, & they had a search for a Caucasion woman from her 20s-40s, 4'11-5'2, with a size 14 dress & measurements of 41-32-45. The guy casting it, Tyler, said not to bother leaving a message if you don't fit those measurements. I decided to give it a try anyway, cause I knew the chances of him getting someone with those EXACT measurements were going to be slim. My measurements are approx. 39-30-39 right now (shamefully!), & that's pretty dang close. She is a tad bigger than me, all places. And I am pretty sure that I don't wear a size 14 dress, but whatever. Apparently, Tyler sent the show my picture, & he called me to tell me that they had chosen me for the job! Cool! He also said I'd probably be in & out in 4-5 hours. The only thing is, it's an AFTRA job, & I am not AFTRA, so I don't know how the paycheck thing works. It's supposed to be $138, but they might garnish to pay my way into AFTRA. I honestly have no idea.

But it seems like it's a fun show, so it should be a fun gig....if I had to guess, it must be something where Alex is playing twins, or something like that, so they would just show me from behind, or it's for a photo of her from behind, so you wouldn't see her face, or they will superimpose her face on my body....I haven't a clue.

But it's great to get work!!!

I also had this really hot guy respond to my personal ad. I responded back, but knowing my luck, I won't hear back again...or we won't like each other when we meet in person (IF). He definitely seems like my type. He's 28, blonde hair, blue eyes. He works out a lot, but said it was okay if I didn't (as opposed to all the guys who, when they work out, expect you to do so religiously, too). He's an electrical engineer, which is cool, cause so's my dad! Anyway...it's way too early to be discussing this guy.....cause as I said, I may not hear back. I just thought I'd mention it.

Anyway, I will report tomorrow about what I had to do on "Mad TV."

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