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Jumping on the bandwagon....

I wanna be just like aunticrist & towanda!

10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?: best friend
Act or direct?: act (duh!)...and later direct!
Adidas, Nike, Reebok?: nike
Alaska or Hawaii?: Hawaii
Aloha or Hola?: Aloha
Any tattoos and where of what: Nope
Are you a good listener?: Did you say something?
Are you a good student?: if it's something I
want to learn, yes
Are you currently in a relationship?: thankfully, no
Are you involved in sports: occasionally
Bacon bits or croutons?: croutons
Be serious or be funny?: funny as hell! (Is Hell
Beef or Chicken?: Chicken
Best friend or boy/girlfriend?: should be the same
Best Friends?: Alicia, Erin, Amy, Renee & Gary
Birthday?: 12/1/71
Birthplace?: B'ham, AL
Blonde or brunette?: blonde
Blue eyes or brown?: blue
Bow tie or tie?: thong (heh)
Boxers or briefs on guys?: boxer briefs
Cat or dog?: CAT!
Chinese or Japanese?: neither
Christmas or Halloween?: tough one...Xmas I guess
Coke or Pepsi?: Coke (caffeine free!)
Color or black-and-white photos?: color
Cool ranch or Nacho Cheese?: nacho cheese
Disneyland or Universal Studios?: Universal
Do long distance relationships work?: NO!
Do you believe in reincarnation, and how does it affect your outlook on life and death: Yes. And it doesn't.
Do you believe in astrology?: yes
Do you believe in God?: yes....and goddesses
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Yes
Do you consider yourself the life of the party?: I
really don't go to parties
Do you currently like/love(as in a boyfriend girlfriend type of way)someone?: no
Do you drink?: drink what? alcohol--never!
Do you have a car?: yes
Do you have a deep dark secret no one knows except you?: yes (well, a few people know)
Do you have a job?: Yes
Do you have a lava lamp? of course
Do you have a pager?: Yes...but it's out of service
Do have a personal phone line?: Yes
Do you have a pool or hot tub?: Yes (hot tub)
Do you have a trampoline?: excercise one
Do you have lots of friends?: yes, a lot of casual
friends, a few close ones
Do you have siblings?: one older sister
Do you make fun of people?: sure, sometimes as a joke
(but I make fun of myself more)
Do you think dreams eventually come true?: yes!!!!
Domino's or Pizza Hut?: Pizza Hut (unless you are
talking about cheesy bread, then
definitely Domino's!)
Dream car/truck?: new Beetle, Aztek, Tacoma
Dreams or reality?: both have their place
Eat an apple or an orange?: Orange.
Elmo or Cookie Monster?: cookie monster
Emerald or ruby?: Ruby
Fave movie?: far too many to list...but maybe
"Princess Bride"
Fave song at the moment?: far too many to list...
but maybe "When Doves Cry"/Prince
Fave thing to do?: act/make people laugh
Fave. breakfast food?: English muffins, especially
with cheese!
Fave. Candy?: rock candy, cotton candy, candy corn
Fave. Color?: Black/aqua/pink/red
Fave. Day?: depends on what I am doing
Fave. Food?: CHEESE!!!!!!!!!
Fave. Gum?: Orbit
Fave. Month?: December & June
Fave. perfume? Sure, ask the girl with around 700
perfumes what her fave is....ok, it would
have to be Escada Collection
Cologne: Angel Men
Fave. Room?: bedroom (no, not for THAT reason!)
Fave. school subject?: drama (duh!) or English
Fave. Vacation spot?: Caribbean cruise
Favorite Actor/Actress?: Cassie Kelley
Favorite Animal?: cats
Favorite body part of the opposite sex: eyes, biceps,
washboard abs, pecs, butt
Favorite cartoon?: Simpsons, Futurama, South Park
Favorite color bra?: black
Favorite Group/Singers?: too many to list
Favorite Ice cream?: vanilla, dulce de leche, dacquiri
ice, 50/50 bar
Favorite shampoo or conditioner? Alterna Hemp
Flowers or angels?: roses or carnations
Ford or Chevy?: Ford
Future Job?: movie/TV star
Glasses or contacts?: both
Go to the movies or rent?: both
Gold or Silver?: Silver (or white gold...yellow gold
is ugly!)
Got a crush on anyone?: no
Green beans or carrots?: green beans
Is the glass half empty or half full?: depends on
my mood
Happy and poor or rich and sad?: happy and rich (heh)
Hard top or convertible?: hard top
Hardcover books or soft cover books?: soft cover
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: nope
Have you ever done something you regret now?: nope
Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding?: nope
Have you ever moved?: yes, too many times
Have you ever stolen anything (from a store)?: never
Have you ever thought of killing yourself?: sure
Have you ever witnessed a crime?: no
Have you met your soul mate?: I don't think so
High school or college?: high school
How's the weather right now?: nice
Hug or kiss?: depends on who from
Hurricane or Tornado?: tornado
Is it POP or SODA?: soda
Jacket or sweater?: jacket
Kids or no kids?: a resounding NO!!!!!!!!!!
Love or lust?: both
Marriage or dating?: dating
New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?: day, a fresh start
Out of state college or in state?: out of state
Passion or compassion?: both are equally important
Quick and soft or long and hard?: that's personal
Reap what you sew or sew what you reap?: Reap what you sew
Sexy or cute?: both!
Teach or learn?: both....learn, & then teach by
Understanding or realization?: understanding
Very freaky or just a little bit?: just a little bit
X-rays or deal with the pain?: x-rays
You and him or him and you?: whatever
Zoos or menageries?: both

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