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English lesson of the day

We all know spelling & grammar are some pet peeves of mine.

The theme of the LA County Fair (it was last year's, as well, if I am not mistaken):

"Kinder. Simpler. Funner."

Ummmm...technically, it would be "more kind." You don't say, "I thought my aunt was kinder than my uncle." You'd say, "I thought my aunt was more kind than my uncle." You wouldn't say, "That math problem was simpler than the first one," you'd say, "That math problem was more simple (or easier) than the first one."

But funner? That world is like fingernails down a chalkboard. Holy moly. Funner? Gee, you mean, "more fun?" Why couldn't they have said, "Kind. Simple. Fun?"

Yeah, yeah, it's just an ad. Never mind the fact that it makes Los Angeles look like a bunch of unedumacated dummies (no comments or stereotypes, please). But the thing that really galls me is that people REALLY talk like this. And that's what's really scary about it to me. Let's not feed into our sad lack of education in this country.
When I hear "people on the street" interviewed on the news daily, I cringe at the brutal lack of grammatical skills. Do the schools today suck? Are kids not going? Are they not paying attention? Are people just stupid & no amount of education will help them? Do people not care that they SOUND dumb & uneducated?

My friend, Cheri, used to get really mad at me when I would correct her. A BIG grammatical pet peeve of mine---although lots of sentences are ended with lots of different preps., this just happens to be the one that bugs me the most---is ending a sentence with the word "at." In most cases, you are even making the sentence more complicated than it has to be. "Where you at?" *ack* That is a grammatical sword through my heart. It actually hurts my ears to hear that. "Where are you?" Ah...so much better? "What time are you going to go at?" Just drop the bloody "at!" "What time are you going to go?" Or even, "What time are you going?" "Where is he at?" A longer sentence than it needs to be...cause it's just "Where is he?" And I'm not talking about being silly & using slang intentionally...such as, "Why you gotta be doin' this chit up in heun?" I'm talking about people who honestly speak this way. I would tell Cheri that you can't end a sentence with the word "at," & she'd get all defensive & say, "I KNOW how to talk correctly, I just choose not to." WTF? You'd RATHER sound uneducated? I will admit, I sometimes end sentences with prepositions. It's really hard not to sometimes. I am not grammatically perfect....no one is. "At" is just a personal pet peeve. But I make a conscious effort not to do it. I will sometimes actually re-think the sentence in my head to see if I can form it better. Wasn't it Winston Churchill or someone like that who made some quote like, "Ending a sentence with a preposition is something which I will not do." Yeah, yeah, paraphrasing. But anyway....

Pffffft! Whomever came up with that slogan for the fair SUCKS!!!!

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