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Jed & Ken.

Hotties on this season's "Survivor."

Yum. Very yum.

And Ken's a cop....I'm a SUCKER for a man in uniform. *drool*

Brian ain't bad, either....but I used to watch him on "Days of Our Lives," so that's a little weird. I think his semi-fame is going to distract me. I feel like I am watching an actual show instead of real people. He's an actor...but said he was in used car sales. Interesting.

Of course, I still want to jump Jeff Probst's bones. HOT!!!

Brutal. Picking their own teams. It always sucks to be picked last. Ouch.

I think I already find Robb the bartender annoying. But maybe that's his facial piercings. I don't like the grunge look. But I think it has more to do with his comment, "I didn't want to be on the old lady's team." And he seems to suffer from ADD.

Should be interesting. I like people on both tribes, but Sook Jai is certainly the most attractive tribe, & they seem to be in the best physical shape (I do like Ghandia & Ted on Chuay Gahn...did they REALLY need to show Tanya vomiting? I don't think so...I don't need THAT kind of reality.)

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