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I'm headed off to amythyst's goodbye party. *sniff*

They did a story on the news how 1994 Miss America, Heather Whitestone McCallum (don't know if the married last name is spelled right) received a cochlear implant. She went from deaf to being able to hear, & said the most beautiful thing she has heard so far was the sound of water running into the sink while she brushed her teeth last night (something we take for granted).

I just thought this was really cool, since I went to school with Heather. We both attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts, her a dance major, me a drama major (duh). I never got to know her very well, but she was in one of my classes & was always really nice. I thought it was so amazing that a deaf person was a prima ballerina...she told me she could FEEL the music on the floor. That's pretty amazing. I think she was a cute girl...but nothing like the beautiful young lady she has become. I was so excited for her when she won Miss America (well, it helps that she was Miss Alabama, too).

The news also reported that, while it has obvious health BENEFITS, breastfeeding your baby longer than one month makes it many more times likely to than a bottle fed baby to develop asthma, & allergies to cats, dust mites, & grass. Can't imagine how that happens, but that's what they discovered.
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