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A day of surveys

Luckily, I love to talk about myself....;-�

Age: I don't understand the question.

Sex: Female

Strange Fact: Perhaps I should let someone else answer this for me (any takers?), cause I honestly don't think that there is too much strang about me. I am boringly normal. Let's see....I wear wigs sometimes, just for shits & giggles. I have prolly close to 700 different perfumes. I don't need/want sex....I guess that's strange. I don't drink alcohol, & it's not because I am religious or an ex-alcoholic. Hey, that's strange, I am an actor in Hollywood who doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs....now THAT is strange!!!!

Pets: Two cats, Duncan & Ernie, both around 10 years old & simply adorable. A dog, Toby, adorable, loving, smart, & sweet...but a real handful. And a rat, Thelma (her sister, Louise, died recently).

Status: Happily Single & a master flirt

Religion: still searching....I like the Church of Religious Science....I like Wicca...I like Universalist....and I believe in God (but not the Bible). Wait...that could probably go under the "strange" section...

Favorite Colours: Aqua, pink (like a bright or hot pink), black, & red

Best Memory: There's a lot, that's for sure. towanda's ("Sitting on a bed, eating cheese and bread in the Microtel Inn, laughing and philosophizing with Karinn, Cassie, Roni and Sammy in Tucumcari") is definitely one of them. Also, having Garry Marshall sit across from me & tell me I would be a household name someday, & him telling my mother how talented & sweet I was; seeing myself on the big screen; when my dad bought me a star ring I had begged for, but he has refused to buy me; the cruises I have gone on with my family; and anything involving my mother

Worst Memory: My mother had been in the hospital for 2 weeks. I arrived in Alabama at the end of that time, just in time for Xmas (a previously scheduled trip). She was improving so much that they were going to release her the following week. My sister & I spent Xmas morning with my mother in the hospital, & then headed off to see my paternal grandparents (a Xmas tradition). We came home the next day & my mother was sitting up in bed, happy & feeling well. Later that night, we drove to go visit her, dragging my friend David along, who was going to play a song he'd written on guitar for her. When we got there, she was half hanging off the bed, clutching her chest. There was a look of absolute fear & pain on her face, & she demanded that we leave. She did not want us to see her in that kind of pain, & had tried to call us to stop us from coming. David, with an extremely pained look on his face, played the song, & then she kicked us out. I kissed her cheek, said, "I love you, see you tomorrow." That was the last time I saw her alive. We went out to karaoke, & afterwards, I went back to David's to spend the night. Around 4AM, I sat straight up in bed, wide awake. I couldn't figure out what was going on, so I laid back down to go back to sleep. At 4:30AM, David's phone rang in the other room. He didn't have a phone in that room, so the machine picked up. Neither of us moved, but we were both awake. We got up & went into the kitchen, & listened to the message. It was my sister, frantic, asking me to call her. I did...and she said, "Mom's dead....she died....she's gone." They said she passed at 3:59....and I woke up at 4AM...I feel it was my mother saying goodbye...I am not sure what I said in return, but I was calm, until I hung up the phone. And then I screamed a blood-curdling scream that I am sure all the neighbors heard. It was a scream of pain, a feeling that I, myself, had died. She was such a part of me, that part of me DID die. David drove me home, while I wore a pair of his huge shoes & a sweatshirt of his (it was raining & all I had was FM pumps & a tight dress), & my sister & I drove to the hospital, where my grandparents already were. My grandmother was beside herself, but my grandfather....a strong Southern patriach. I had NEVER seen him cry, or even emotional. He seemed to be in utter shock. We had to decide to autopsy her, & to give her organs to whomever might need them. The nurses were crying, too, cause anyone who met my mother fell in love with her. My sister called my dad, who wanted to speak to me. I was so mad with him at the moment, since he had been so mean to her when she was alive, that I refused to speak to him. I called my dad's mom, & she cried on the phone. We went in to see my mother's body. She looked like she was a sleeping angel, at peace, with a little smile on her face. Her body was still warm when I kissed her cheek. My sister at first refused to see her, but I told her she'd be sorry if she didn't say goodbye. My mother's long-time best friend showed up, & tried to comfort us. We drove back to my mother's condo, drained & in disbelief, & the guard said cheerily, "How's your mom doin'?" She knew my mom had been in the hospital, & EVERYONE had loved my mom. We told her our mother had died, & the look on her face....I had to start going through things, & two days in a row, while going through her stuff, her TV turned on by itself. No timer, different times...just came on by itself. I slept in my mother's bed, my sister couldn't even come in her room. But I BOUGHT that bed for my mother, & I wanted to feel close to her. I had to pick out her clothes for the open casket. At the visitation, it was an open casket at first. Then we saw how awful they had made her look. She was a smiler...always smiling, such a sunny personality...and they made her frown. So we closed the casket. The smell was awful, anyway. We had to sit there & endure my socialite grandmother's friends coming up & making stupid comments...some man, I am sure, bless his heart, he simply didn't know what else to say, said to me, "Lovely teeth," cause I kept a smile plastered on my face. The boy who caused so much trouble for mein junior high, Scott, showed up with his parents (who, once upon a time, had been close friends with my parents). My old friends, most of whom considered my mom a 2nd mom if NOT their only mom, where there & looking stunned. Some couldn't stay, they were so upset. The next day was the funeral. The preacher credited my sister with a quote I made, & vice versa. We got up to speak, & we told some funny stories, & some sweet stories. And then I sang, a cappella. I sang "Amazing Grace" first, cause my mom had loved it. Then I sang, "Tell me Why," a gorgeously sweet lullaby that my mother had always sung to me...even when I was an adult & still needed mommy. And I finished with my mom's fave song, & the song sung at her wedding, "You'll Never Walk Alone"....and I didn't make it through that one. The funeral was standing room only, & it was a huge room with many seats (my grandparents have LOTS of friends), which irritated me a bit, cause I felt, "How many of these people really KNEW my mother?" But I guess they just wanted to pay their respects. I watched my father BAWL during the funeral (he had flown in from Florida to support us), which surprised & stunned me. I had never seen him emotional, either. And I thought he didn't care about her anymore. My grandmother insisted that no one would come to the gravesite, cause it was snowing (which had, in fact, prevented some people from making it to the funeral at all, since the roads were closed due to ice). I firmly believe my mother told God to make it snow, cause I complained every Xmas that it never snowed when I was home for the holiday. And yet the day of her funeral...it snowed. But we glanced behind us, & there was a huge chain of cars driving to the gravesite. After the preacher said the graveside prayer, everyone got up to leave. We took flowers off her casket, & then I refused to leave. I just didn't want to leave her. My dad had to physically remove me from the graveside, telling me, "Trust me....watching your mother lowered into the ground is not a memory you want to have." But I just didn't want to leave her there, alone...

Best Moment: not sure I have had it yet

Worst Moment: recalling my worst memory

Occupation: actor/singer

Schooling: high school diploma & numerous acting & voice classes

Dream: to become successful & well known as an actress in the tv/film world, so that I can reach the world with my positive messages, help others as much as possible, change Hollywood, & make people laugh

Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done: I honestly don't do too many dumb things...I guess sleeping with a guy on the first date?

Smartest Thing I've Ever Done: moved to California

Short Bio: Actress/singer living in Hollywood, trying to succeed in film/tv. 5'0, blonde hair, blue eyes. I have done anti-tobacco/gang/alcohol/drug assembly programs for elementary schools, & it's a cause I passionately believe in. I was born & raised in Alabama, but am very much a California girl, although I retain some old-fashioned values & I am NOT a flake (like most people born & raised in Cali). I work at Knott's Berry Farm, performing. I worked as a performer at Disneyland for 8 years. All my family still lives in the South. I love animals, am passionately pro-choice, pro-euthanasia, & pro-capital punishment.....anti-violence, anti-drugs/alcohol/tobacco, anti-stupid people procreating, & against people having litters of kids (unless they adopt).

The End.

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