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It's 9:30PM & I'm definitely still sick. But maybe this is the whole "worse before better" part. Still running about a 100 degree fever. Now, as opposed to just feeling sick, I SOUND sick. You know, that lovely nasal sounding voice. Ick. I am glad this waited until after the show yesterday, but hope it's better before my shows this weekend. I can't sing like this. Well....not a voice anyone would want to hear, anyway. At least my throat doesn't hurt so bad. My eyes are swollen & burning.

I got a nice little portion of my bedroom cleaned today. YAY! I can actually see the floor between the bed & my TV dresser. YAY! Hope to get more done tomorrow. If I am going to be hanging out at home, at least I can get some stuff done...although I don't have a lot of energy.

I hate being sick.

And I still need to miraculously come up with about $1000 before the 1st. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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