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OK...I am the proud new owner of Showtime & HBO (no speeches, it's free for 3 months...and who knows what after that...leave me alone to enjoy something free, would ya?).

So I get to watch "The Chris Isaak Show," "The Sopranos," "Six Feet Under," "Sex & the City," & "Queer as Folk."

But I am a bit confused. I can only tape one show, cause I only get the premium channels on one TV...and since I will be working at night for the month of October, I won't be home to change the channel (with the box, it's one of those annoying "you have to watch what channel you are taping"). Some of the above shows come on at the same time. But I am finding "The Sopranos" comes on more than once during the week....which confuses me. Are some of them repeats? If so, what nights does the original (new) episodes come on? What about "Sex & the City" & "Six Feet Under?" Why in the world would these shows come on more than once a week? *sigh*

Can anyone help me out with this info??? I don't wanna have to choose between "Queer as Folk" & "The Sopranos."
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