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So I had my Haunt orientation tonight.

Ummm...can you say "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong?"

Yeah....I didn't fit it, at all. I felt like I was back in junior high, standing alone.

These people are not the kind of people I would typically hang out with (supervision refers to them as "freaks"....some drive hearses, wear vampire contacts REGULARLY, etc.). Funky colored hair, multiple piercings & tattoos...the kinds of people who like to draw attention to themselves. Most of them work Haunt almost every year. For one thing, they almost all smoke. I HATE SMOKE. I am allergic to it. Five minutes around cigarette smoke & I am really sick. I walked away from a smoker, just to have another come stand next to me. Walked away, just to have another come over to me. I was seriously trapped in second hand smoke HELL. I got so sick (that actually might be part of the reason my stomach hurts). I literally could NOT get away from it (anyone who thinks second hand smoke is NOT harmful outside has another thing coming). So I was miserable there. Even people who looked like people I might want to talk to were smoking, so I had to constantly be standing on the outskirts. Thank God, they won't be able to smoke in the maze. But these people were just odd. Finally, one girl, Georgia, started talking to me....but she continued to talk to me while our captain was talking to us. She was a major nerd...but she was nice. She might be my only "friend." Great. She already invited me to all the hotel "let's get drunk" parties. Wooo-hooo. Sounds like my kinda thing. I soooo do not belong in this work group.

On top of that, it looks like I will have to perform alone. I am apparently the first Malice they see, in the front of the maze. I have no idea what I will be doing yet, but it doesn't sound like I will have much to do. I won't be able to feed off the energy of another performer. If this ends up being true, I am going to be bored out of my MIND! Ai-yi-yi. What have I gotten myself into???
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