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I shouldn't leave the house. Humans annoy me too much.

Just on the way to the post office today: some jackass turning in front of me (when the road was clear behind me if he could have waited 10 seconds for me to pass), going 20 MPH, & then turning suddenly....no warning, no blinker (and yes, I was far enough back...I didn't hit him, did I?). I honked my displeasure & he had the CAJONES to turn around & look at me like "Bitch!" Ai-yi-yi. What galls me more than people being inconsiderate in a car is people getting pissed at YOU when you inform them they are being jackasses. Sorry to show you a mirror, buddy.

AND a "mother" walking with her baby in a stroller down the middle of the road. There was a sidewalk. She just preferred the middle of the road. Where cars drive. Where cars can careen too quickly around corners or back out of driveways or just plain not pay attention. Her baby. What a good mom. This reminds me of my dislike of parents who drag their kids across a busy road NOT at the crosswalk. It's one thing to jaywalk...another thing to do it while with your young children whom you should be protective over.

I really dug the new doctor show, "MDs." I liked the actors, particularly the Irish one (yeah, we know I have a thing for accents).
My favorite lines on this first episode:
First doc: Is he kidding?
Second doc: Does he look like he's kidding?
First doc: I don't know, what does he look like when he's kidding?


Can't wait for the season premieres of "Friends," "Will & Grace," & "ER," tonight....although I am sure the latter will be gory & gross, as per fweebles. Do they NEED to show people vomiting? Like the sound isn't enough???
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