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So I was totally freaking out yesterday!!!

I came home late from work (we had rehearsal), 2 of my girlfriends were spending the night. I logged on to check my email, & just started screaming.

2 weeks or so ago, I did a search online for a guy I had met years ago. I went on tour with "The Wizard of Oz," back in 1992. While in St. Cloud, MN, we stayed at a Comfort Inn. The guy playing the Wizard, my friend, John, came & got me in my room, to tell me that the guy working the night shift at the front desk was hotter than HOT. So I took a book down to read in the lobby. Sure enough, the guy was pretty hot, & I don't remember how it started, but we were flirting with each other before long. His name was Chris. I couldn't stay up too late since we had an early show the next day. But to my surprise, Chris showed up at the college to see our show, complete with his camera. I invited him to some see me in Minneapolis. He did. My roommate, Julia, was so kind to sleep in John's room that night, along with Chris' friend, so Chris & I had a nice, romantic night. It's not like I am the type to move that quickly under normal circumstances, but we truly had a connection. And I don't think he would have driven a couple of hours, & dragged his friend, just for an easy lay. Anyway.....6 months or so went by, & I returned to St. Cloud with another tour, "Pinocchio." This time, Chris picked me up for a formal date....dinner, a movie, & back to his apartment. After I went back on the road, he sent me letters for a while...always very complimentary (I don't think I will ever live down the smiley face he drew in one letter with it's tongue hanging out, accompanied by some comment similar to "you are tasty as can be!").

Anywho....as tends to happen, we lost touch. He probably moved, I know I moved a million times, & shit happens. I doubted that I would ever get back to St. Cloud, & didn't know if he'd ever get out to Los Angeles.

But I just felt like looking him up the other day. So I did a search. I found an address for a man with his name, living in Minneapolis (ironic). He has a pretty unusual last name, so I didn't think there could be too many listings. The site didn't provide a zip code, but that was easy enough to find. So I typed up a letter, saying things that I would hope he'd remember, & at the end, I said, "If you don't know what in the heck I am talking about, & you aren't the Chris I knew, please accept my apologies & kindly disregard this letter!" I included my email addy.

Some time went by & I kinda forgot about it. Then, when I got home from work last night, there was this email, from an email addy I didn't recognize, but with my name as the subject (not totally unusual, I guess). So I read it, & here's what it said:

"Of course I remember you :-) with a smile. You know what? You will never believe this; I was just thinking about you last week. I was wondering what
ever happened to that cute, hot girl that I met at the Comfort Inn in St. Cloud. I was just updating my resume, going through all of the employers and remember events at each of them. So you naturally crossed my mind. You are apparently still in the acting/singing industry. And apparently in Santa Clara, CA by the letterhead. Guess what? I will be coming out to Cali in December. I am thinking around the 18th. Would you be interested in getting together. We could catch up on what we've been doing all of these years. Who knows I may stay out there for a few days. I would like to see you again...it would be fun to see what you have been up to. We
would have to go out and have my favorite dish though...sushi, yum! The reason that I haven't gotten back to you is that I just received your
letter...post-marked the 5th of November. I have been on a hunting trip to Northern Minnesota with my Dad.

It's good hearing from you. Write me back with some questions and a bit more about yourself.

Talk to you soon,

I always have this thing.....this feeling...I never feel like I make an impression on people. I never feel like anyone will ever remember me. I always feel like I just come & go into people's lives, don't make much of an impression, & then they forget about me. I always seem to be wrong. Apparently, people remember me more than I think.

I also got an email back from that guy Chris....the OTHER Chris, the one who recently responded to my ad. Sometimes, my pickiness scares guys away. After he responded to me & seemed like a near perfect match, I emailed him back this looooong detailed email. I got the receipt saying he had received it, but he didn't write me back for a few days. So I emailed him again & said, "Did I scare ya off already?" And he wrote me back basically saying, "Don't be ridiculous, I am far from scared off....besides, at 4'11, what are ya gonna do? Bite my ankles? I am definitely still very interested, but winter is my extremely busy period as an electrician, so my time is pretty limited. I hope to catch up with you this weekend. Don't go getting married on me!" So I wrote back & said, "I will turn down all those marriage proposals....for now." ;- I shall be intrigued to see how this one turns out...with my look, this guy will seem ideal on paper, & be hot in person...but either we won't have any chemistry or he won't be into me. He is so hot looking, that all my friends were like, "Are you sure that's really a picture of him?" I know it happens, but I find it hard to believe someone would send a picture of someone other than themself.....when the second you meet in person, that lie gets blown dramatically out of the water. Doesn't make sense to me. Time will tell on this one.

I DO think it's very interesting that both of these guys are named Chris....

OK..."Mad TV."

I was a smidge late, although I don't think they noticed. I looked up the addy on Yahoo maps, & it said it was 12.5 miles away, & should take 35 minutes with no traffic. So I gave myself an hour, & left at 8AM. Well....traffic at Hollywood & Highland was NUTS, & I got there around 9:05 (call time 9AM). I booked it inside...and it was a while before I could grab someone to ask where Derek was (Derek was the guy I was supposed to check in with). So I got lead upstairs, met Derek (a REALLY cool guy), & had some AFTRA forms to fill out. Gee, if I want to join AFTRA, it's a "mere" $1200!!! If I get any more work under AFTRA, I HAVE to join, I don't have a choice. Where in the heck would I come up with $1200? Anyway....they took me to wardrobe, & I was surprised to find that everything fit. They gave me these awesome jeans from the Gap that actually fit my odd body great (except for the length OF COURSE), & a fabulous pair of red fake snakeskin heeled boots. Then I was supposed to go to hair. While in the hair/make-up room, it was pointed out that Alex & I were wearing the same outfit, & that was incorrect. When she was playing herself, I would be the obnoxious woman, & vice versa. So they sent me to change into the other outfit, to play Alex, & then put the Alex wig on me. Even the hair & wardrobe people were all really nice, & that's NOT always the case (someone was telling me that it seems that since Sept. 11th, EVERYONE is really nice). So we went down to the set, & Amanda Bearse---Marcy D'Arcy from "Married with Children" was the director (she is also playing the waitress in the scene). She was really cool. She learned our names, & actually used them. They usually just call you "hey you." When I walked onto the set dressed as Alex, Alex loudly said, "Hey! It's me!!!" And then she said, "Damn....I am REALLY cute! I mean it, look at me.....I never knew I was so cute!!!" I thought that she was pretty nice, but I wasn't terribly impressed with Will Sasso. I mean, he's funny, but I definitely was getting an aloof, "I am better than everyone else" vibe from him. He never really said hi to us, never really acknowledged us except when the director told him to...just never seemed very friendly. All the crew people were really nice. Anyway....we shot the scene as Alex & Will, from behind. When ever you see Alex & Will, the other two people (from behind) that are SUPPOSED to also be Alex & Will, it's actually Craig & myself. I happen to think it will be kinda obvious, because I am quite a bit smaller than Alex. They were even thinking about padding me. But the clothes were pretty bulky, so I think it will be okay. After everything was shot that way, we switched clothes & wigs. I became Alex's obnoxious woman character, & she became herself. We had a lot more physicality as these two characters. The writers read the lines, & we had to gesture as if we were saying them. I hope they don't do close-ups, cause my nails were painted with bright pink glitter nail polish, while Alex's nails were bare. Ooops! All in all, I was in & out by 2PM, & got paid $138! Not bad for a 5 hour shift of playing/working! Everyone thanked us profusely for the "great, thankless" work we did, & they acted as if they would have us back in a heartbeat. What a fun show to work on!

And something else really good might come out of it. Craig, the guy "playing" Will Sasso, was a really cool guy. He does a lot of stunt work, & has a lot of contacts in the biz. He is close friends with one casting woman, & works constantly. He said that, in the new year, when I go back to being unemployed, he'd be glad to "hook me up" with work. Awesome! I can't wait! That would be SO cool! He works on "Angel" a lot, & everyone is really cool on that show, he said. He also said he used to work "Buffy" a lot...but Sarah Michelle Gellar is such a raging bitch, he turns DOWN work on that show. And that's NOT the first time I have heart that! It's a shame that someone so talented has to be nasty.

Speaking of work....I am SO beyond irritated about Knott's right now. From now til I go on Xmas vacation (which is, of course, 7 days off with NO pay at all!), I am getting SO gypped on money/hours, I don't know what to do. Mon-Wed., I am working a 3 hour shift! 4:15-7:15PM!!!! Look at that time! I can't work a day job, like temp work, because those go 9-5ish. I can't work a night shift, cause those all start before 7PM!!! So what am I gonna do? Last year, it was full time! And my supervisor said he'd love to have it be a full shift...but most of the girls in the group are in school, & don't have availability. So I am SOOOO screwed! I mean, let's face it....it's not like money has been good anyway! And now it's XMAS & I am stuck with a mere 3 hour shift a day! You gotta be kidding me!!!! WTF am I gonna do??????

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