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Drat. Missed "Monk" tonight, & I have heard such good things about it. I set the timer....and forgot about this dadgum cable box thingy...didn't change the channel on the BOX....so the VCR worked just fine, it just taped the wrong channel, AND I also missed the first half of "Push, Nevada." Drat. Maybe I should put a little sticky note on the cable box that says, "CHANGE ME" until I get used to it. Pffffft.

On another note....I can't wait til "ER." I have heard amazing things about this episode, from fweebles, chappell, & others in their LJs. It MUST be good. I hope it's not TOO gory. *ack*

I must say, as I have previously, that "Friends" was hysterical tonight, but so was "Scrubs" & "Will & Grace." All 3 of those shows have such AMAZING ensemble casts. I watch them act & think, "If only *I* could be that good!" And Harry Connick, Jr. on "W&G"....YUM! That's all I have to say on that. Well, I lied. He is yum...but also an impressively good actor...and did really well with his funny lines.

My fave line from "Scrubs" tonight....JD falls right on top of a nurse...while they are laying on the floor, him on top of her, she says, "I hope you are going to make this worth my while." Heh-heh. And the janitor that reminds me of Chris Isaak...he's so funny. Heck, they are ALL funny.

I cannot take the hilarity & talent. I'm overwhelmed!
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