Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Another uneventful day

Nothing exciting here. I am remarkably lazy. It's really quite disgusting.

I did get two headshots & resumes mailed out to two theatrical productions that I would love to be a part of. One I would KILL to be in (that's JUST a figure of speech, people), "Calamity Jane"....but even if I got in it, it starts the week of my cruise! Bummer! The other is a show called "Goldirocks," in which I would be ideal for the lead character. I guess it's kinda a hip, rock version of, you guessed, it, Goldilocks.
We'll see if I hear back from either.

I had my taxes done yesterday....ugh! I think I got ripped off...I am pleased & not pleased at the same time. Last year, the dude I went to charged me $100. He did a fine job, he confidently knew what he was doing...but it's soooo far from my new place. It's in Chino, it's a minimum of 45-50 minutes away. I was sure I could find someone good around me (I HATE driving). So I found a place that gave employees of my company a $25 discount, which brought it to $95. My neighbor said he had a GREAT guy, so I called him....$140 an hour, $200 minimum! Ridiculous! My taxes take, at most, 1 hour, & that's with someone really slow (I swear the guy last year did it in about 20 minutes). So I go to H&R Block, although they won't give me a quote over the phone. $75 & up they say.

So after we have sat there with the woman seemingly not so sure of what she was doing (& she didn't speak the best English, either), they tell me it's gonna cost $141! Yikes! I could have saved $46 going to the other place! Oh, well, too late now. But they filed for me & everything, so everything was taken care of. That's kinda nice. AND...last year I OWED around $500 for federal and state combined, & this year I got a refund from both! Woo-hoo! Actually, that's not such a good thing...it's just that I made less money this year. It's kinda pathetic when you learn what you make, & it's pretty measly (somewhere in the area of $17K). I chose to purchase their $22 "peace of mind" coverage....if they fucked up your taxes, & the IRS comes after you, they have to handle everything, no charge to you. Since I wasn't REALLY confident that she knew what she was doing, I thought it was wise to accept that coverage. Maybe that is their plan...act like they don't know what they are doing, & you will pay for that coverage. Sneaky, sneaky H&R!!!

So...bottom line...I get a refund of a grand whopping total of $168, & I had to pay $163 to them, so I made a profit of $5. Oh well, at least I didn't have to pay the gov't!!!!! They take enough money from me during the year!

After that, I went over to meet a guy I met off the internet months & months ago. We talked for weeks & made plans to meet....and then he confessed that he really only wanted a "fun" relationship (read: sexual), not a serious one. So we never met. Months & months have gone by, we have kept in touch, so we just finally decided to meet. He was a nice guy, pretty attractive, & he asked me to have dinner with him next week. I suppose I might.

Then it was on to OSH for some locks. I needed to get one for the outdoor storage container I got, & one for my laundry room door. I also got some more paint (I am going to attempt to paint my laundry room, even though I have never painted anything!).

Then I went over to Toys R Us, & got the collector's edition of the Game of Life, tried to get Operation (all the boxes were missing pieces), & got a Lite Brite. I can't wait to play with it...I used to LOVE them!

Hey, you are only as young as you feel, right?

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