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Well, I DO need money....

A recent response to my personal ad:

I am an extremely wealthy man, that is beautiful, & needs a Mi$stress to keep me, obediently, under Her Control. Anything that You want to take from me is Yours for the keeping.
You are an extremely beautiful Mi$tress & I secretly would do anything for Your attention. I admit that I want to be Your property and slave, but I don't know if You would be willing to meet me and to use me for my money & assets. Secretly, I do want Your attention, if at all possible, in a sexual way. I would pay You anything, according to the attention that You might decide to give me.
My phone # is: 561-732-****. Would You, please, call me and arrange for me to come to see you. Anything that You feel like charging me to come to see You doesn't matter to me, as long as You might be willing to tell me what to do for you. I would, immediately, jump to do anything You told me, but, secretly, I want to be taken under Your boots & used by You, in terms of my bank accounts, assets, etc., in the hope that You will decide to use me for your sexual pleasure.
I really am after You, to be used by You sexually, but no Mistress has ever permitted me to meet them & I am desperate sexually and need female attention, by someone like You, who would know what they're doing sexually and be able to take control of my life and will.
I really would like to be kept as Your slave, under Your terms. I crave being commanded and forced to obey, although I naturally would, immediately, do as I am told, especially if You would permit me to see You as I am desperate to be under Your boots and to be commanded to be used for my money, assets, etc.

I love You and really want to be used by You, sexually,

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