March 21st, 2001

real Alice

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Today I worked on the movie "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back." I had a really good time. It was ironic, though, because day after day I sit on my butt doing nothing & can't get booked for work, & then the day I need to clean my house for company, they book me!

It was an early call, 6AM, at CBS Radford Studios (pretty close to me). We all thought we might get out early, since we were only in one scene & the call was so early. No such luck. The majority of the morning, we didn't do squat. Wardrobe checked what we were wearing. My overalls passed. All the told us was that we would be playing crew members. Before lunch, we were sent up to get our "props." They made me an AD (assistant director), so I got a faux headset & a clipboard (I have never seen an AD with a clipboard!). Then we schlepped back downstairs, & didn't do squat til after lunch.

I had to hide all day from another extra who makes me really uncomfortable. I forget his name, but he looks old enough to be my grandpa, & the last time we worked together, he hit on me relentlessly. I told him I didn't date men his age, I told him politely I wasn't interested....and he still wouldn't let up. He gave me his phone number, & said he thought we'd look really cute together. Barfo. So I avoided him like the plague.

I met a really cool girl named Lisa, turns out she is from the South like me, & she is as sweet as she can be. I hope to get to know her better. I met a cool guy named Evan, who I found myself attracted to. I totally got the vibe that he was interested, but when we left, he didn't ask for my number or anything. That stumped me a bit, but whatever. I met another cool guy named Brett, & I am trying to fix him up with my friend, Amy. In my opinion, he is perfect for her. For one thing, he is a Black/White mix, & has an afro....she LOVES that (she is Hispanic). And he is a nice guy, & they just basically have a lot in common.

Anyway, after lunch we finally got to go to the set & work. They sat me in a director's chair in front of a fake monitor. Then they brought in famous director Wes Craven, & sat him next to me. He was playing himself, directing Shannen Doherty (playing herself) in "Scream 4." He introduced himself to me, & he was very nice. He was older than I thought he'd be, & very normal looking (I mean, come on, he directs all those slasher flicks, so I was expecting someone a bit wilder looking!). I was only a background extra, I had no lines, but they kept moving me in front of the camera, & giving me direction on my reactions (I didn't know if we were supposed to notice & react to Jay & Silent Bob running through the set or ignore it...since they told us both). At one point, Shannen walks over to Wes, & they would stand blocking me. When they yelled "cut," they came over & moved my chair so I wouldn't be blocked. That was kinda cool. It made me feel important. :-) We shot the scene from a few different angles, & then we were done, & sent home. I think we got just a touch of overtime. The bummer about it....I am on a pretty restricted diet. And they had catered food....stuff that was yummy but I shouldn't be eating (pasta w/alfredo sauce), & I wasn't strong enough to resist. So I ate stuff I shouldn't have. Oh well, I am only human, you know!

Kevin Smith is directing this movie. He is the director of "Dogma," "Chasing Amy," & "Clerks." I LOVED "Dogma." But I NEVER knew that Kevin Smith, the director, IS Silent Bob. I was very confused to watch the actor playing Silent Bob directing everyone, & sitting in Kevin Smith's chair. Then I heard someone call him Kevin...what a surprise.

I can't wait til the movie comes out, to see if that scene is in the movie, & you can see me, for all of a few's still kinda cool to see your face on the big screen, even if only for a second or so. :-)