March 24th, 2001

real Alice

Saying Goodbye & Meeting Stars

Karinn, Liz & I stayed up til around 3-4AM. I knew I would pay for it (I had to be up for work at 8AM), but I never get to see these guys. They are worth the sacrifice.

Karinn started bustling around 7AM again....I remember shushing her in my sleep! LOL! I got up around 8AM, & jumped in the shower. I had breakfast while Karinn packed up the car (which I had slammed into in my driveway yesterday....I am not used to having other cars in my driveway, & just jammed my car into reverse....oooops! No damage, though).

I was sad to see Karinn & Liz go. Especially Liz, cause Karinn will be back in about a month or so, & I don't know when I will see Lizzy again.
They are SO cool. I kept trying to encourage them to move to So. Cali. :-)

So I drive to work (in another wig, a really cute, sassy short one), & when I get there, our manager tells us that we are doing a photo op with Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown. I am unimpressed. While I admire her singing, I lost respect for her when I realized she was doing drugs. It's one thing to do drugs...which I am against. It's another to do drugs & be a parent...I think that is heinous & unforgivable.
They were supposed to be there around 11AM, so we all missed breakfast, & waited around & waited around. They didn't get there until around 1:30. I thought that was pretty rude, too.

So they finally get there, & they visit with the characters, but don't bother to acknowledge the rest of us. I guess we weren't good enough to talk to, or even look at (a wave or smile would have been nice). Again....very unimpressed. They had a 3 car entourage, complete with FBI looking if they are even all that anymore. Whatever.

I almost fell asleep on the drive home, & I was only driving home around 6PM. I hate being that tired. Falling asleep at the wheel is dangerous & scary. I finally made it safely home, & was asleep by 9:30PM.