June 5th, 2001

real Alice

Oh happy day!

I spent most of my day calling animal rescue places, trying to find someone to save those cats on "death row" at the East Valley pound. Two called back....one said they were completely full, as most rescue places are. The other has been working with me all day to find someone to help. They, too, are full. But they kept giving me number after number of people to call for help.

The result?

Tomorrow, I am meeting a very nice woman named Karen at the pound, & if those 4 cats haven't been adopted, I am going to "foster" them. If they have been adopted, that's AWESOME & I am sure there will be others to foster.

I feel like I am about to get into a large undertaking, that I have no idea what I am in for. I will have to keep them in my spare bedroom, for many reasons (the kitten rescue approved of this, & even recommended it). For one thing, all cats coming from the East Valley pound have upper respiratory colds, since it's contagious, & could easily give it to Duncan. She suggested keeping them separate for at least the first 2 weeks.

Also, this will be 4 cats (at least) living in one room with one litter box....SMELLY! Maybe I can at least get two. I will also have to get Frontline, since fleas are bad this year, & Duncan is allergic. I have to pay for the litter & food (donations, anyone?), but they pay for all the vet care. The problem there....there vets are pretty far from me. There are only two to choose from, & they are both quite a haul.

These cats will have claws, & I am very anti-claw on cats, so it's something I will have to get used to. I don't care for scratch marks, & heck, it just plain HURTS! Maybe I can clip them or get SoftPaws.

But all these worries.....I am SAVING LIVES! I am saving these cats that might not otherwise have gotten saved! As it is....they may already have been put to sleep, since the last time I saw them was Friday. I pray not. I am giving cats another chance, when they may not have gotten one otherwise.

Karen & I talked for some time, & she kept commenting on what a big heart I have, how she loves meeting people like me who love animals, & how much she appreciated my offer to help. I wish there were more people like us. More people who would adopt an older dog or cat. More people who would agree to foster. More people who would be smart enough to spay & neuter their pets, so we don't have unwanted ones. It's really not hard.

Money is still any issue.....I don't have any. But at least this issue is looking up. I was really worried about these cats....and just wish I could foster some dogs, too.