July 16th, 2001

real Alice

Great day!!!!!

Today was a great day.

It started normally. And then I got a phone call from work, asking if I could do the saloon show today! Well.....I learned it in a day, only ran it on stage once (with script in hand, no less), & haven't even seen it in about 4 weeks, & haven't reviewed it since. But wanting to do it (it's a fun role), I told them I would, but that I couldn't be in until noon.

I had a "brunch" date with some friends. That was nice.

And then I went to work! I had to jump into the 2PM show, & I was freaking out! I was sooooo nervous! My heart was beating as if I had just run a mile!

But I went in there & knocked them dead! This was seriously a part I was born to play. Dusty is basically a knock-off of the Doris Day role in one of my all-time fave movies, "Calamity Jane." I have always wanted to do a remake of that movie, playing the lead role, so this part is so great for me. I get to be a tomboy, & that comes naturally to me. I get to dress like a cowboy, with a holster & gun & cowboy hat & boots, & everything! The first show was a little nerve-wracking, for one thing, simply because it was my first show of it ever, secondly because my boss was there, thirdly because my entire work group came over to watch me perform, & were sitting in the front! But I came through with flying colors, & only dropped two lines, one of which I picked up fairly quickly. By the second show, I had it down, & was confident, too. I hope the Dusty girls call in sick a lot more, so that I get to do it more often. I would love to do it every day. It made me so happy to perform in this show, it almost seems unreal! I sing a solo verse in the opening song, & then have 2 big solo songs, "Windy City" from "Calamity Jane," & "You Can't Get a Man With a Gun," from "Annie Get Your Gun." Both good songs for me. And then I sing a duet with the male lead at the end. I have some really funny lines & got some big laughs. I love being silly in shows, it brings me sheer joy to hear people laugh & know that I caused it.

I hope someone important sees how funny I am, so I can do funny things in film/tv & make MORE people laugh. More smiling & laughter would do wonders for this world.