July 23rd, 2001

real Alice

Calvin Klein rules!!!!!!

You may remember that I got bamboozled in Turkey when I bought what I thought were legitimate designer perfumes. Turns out they were completely fake.

I wrote the Calvin Klein company to find out if the fragrances were at least real fragrances that CK had created, maybe just not sold in America yet. I just got a letter/package in the mail today from them, & here is what it said:

"Thank you for writing to us, we are always pleased to hear from our consumers and we appreciate your enthusiasm for our products.

The two fragrances you purchased "Calvin Klein Kiss" and "Calvin Klein Extreme" are NOT Calvin Klein fragrances. These products are not manufactured or distributed by our company. This deceptive practice of producing counterfeit fragrances is in direct violation of federal trademark laws. Please be assured that we are working constantly, in cooperation with different arms of government, to identify and expose the individuals involved.

We apologize for any disappointment this may cause you and we would be happy to exchange them for two products from any of our fragrance lines. To facilitate your selection of a replacement, we have also enclosed samples of our Calvin Klein fragrances. When you return your products to us, just let us know which fragrance you would prefer in replacement. (A Merchandise Return label has been enclosed for your convenience. Simply affix this label to your package and we will cover all First Class Postage).

We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention and thank you for your patience and cooperation. Should you have any additional questions, we invite you to contact our Consumer Response Center at 1-800-715-4023. It will be our pleasure to assist you."

Isn't that cool? I paid about $20 each for these bogus fragrances (& the guy had the never to be "insulted" that I was haggling with him over legit CK fragrances!), & CK fragrances go for a minimum of about $40 in department stores! I think this was way cool of the CK company, because it honestly was not what I was after, & it's not necessary.

Now the problem is that I pretty much already have all the CK fragrances that I want....so I don't know what to trade in for! :-)

See? Sometimes taking action will get you action....my friends make fun of me for writing letters to companies like this, but look what it got me?