August 18th, 2001

real Alice

Just a quickie before work.....

I am losing my voice. I have a chronic nasal drip (that the doctors can fix with surgery at a mere cost of $20K), & singing almost every day....well, that's not good. The ENT doc said that the worst thing you can do is sing when you have a cold....well, with this chronic thing, it's as if I ALWAYS have a cold. I have to sing 6 shows today at work, & I open as Dorothy in "Wizard of Oz" tomorrow...and there will be a newspaper critic there. **sigh** What fabulous timing.

My new dog, Penelope ran away. She has some serious issues....I wonder what happened to her before I got her. She whines & whimpers whenever she hears another dog barking. She cowers if you yell at her. And she refused to stay in the yard. The fence is taller than me, & somehow, she managed to jump it. She has a microchip, but I haven't heard from the pound yet. If someone found her, they would probably be likely to keep her, since she is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot tell you how many times I was walking her, taking her to the vet, sitting in front of a store, etc., & people were going out of their way to come up to her, while ignoring my other dog (who is very cute). She has an exotic face, she looks like she is wearing eyeliner. I hope that if someone does decide to keep her, that their backyard is more secure than mine!

I went to Subway last night....and truly wondered how stupid people survive. I was helped by a very nice but very dumb girl. I asked for a Deli Style Three Cheese Sandwich, & she looked at me like I had asked for an Alien Sandwich. She told me she didn't know what it was....but there it was on the menu. I nicely explained what it was, because apparently, she's new. I remember when I worked for Baskin Robbins, I had to know how to make EVERYTHING on the menu board BEFORE I could work. then I tell her I'd like mayo & mustard on both sides of the bread, because I don't care for "dry bread" (the side that doesn't have any condiments & is just dry). She said okay. I told her I'd also like honey mustard rather than the regular yellow mustard. "Okay," she said. Then she asks me which 3 of their 4 cheeses would I like. I said, "All of them EXCEPT Swiss." So the first cheese she lays down is Swiss. After she puts it on the sandwich, she realizes what I said. I said, "Don't worry about it, I like all cheeses, Swiss is fine." (I am way too nice.) THEN her idea of putting mayo & mustard on BOTH sides is to squirt it on the bread side AND the directly opposite side that is now covered with cheese....meaning that the bread side under the cheese is still dry...when you put the sandwich together, you STILL just have condiments on ONE side. AND she used yellow mustard, not honey mustard, like I requested. But still I keep my mouth shut. Then she rings me up for $1.99, & the board says the Three Cheese Deli Sandwich is $1.49 (hey, every $.50 counts to me right now). After much discussion, she says, "Oh, I heard the manager say he was changing the prices but just hadn't had time to do it on the boards yet." As nicely as possible, I said, "Tell your manager to get crackin', cause I should be paying what it says on the board." She apologized, but by this time, I just wanted to get the HELL out of this stupid place. Sheesh....

I went & saw this guy, Darryn, play at a bar with his band the other night. He responded to my ad a loooong time ago, & we have just talked online since. We never met in person. He's been asking me to come see his band play for a while, but I never really had the chance. So Jeff & I went to go see them Thursday night. I went up to while they were setting up & said, "Are you Darryn?" It was him, & I introduced myself. We hit it off, although we didn't get to talk for long. I emailed him the next day, telling him I enjoyed hearing his band, & that he looks better in person. He wrote me back saying, "You know, I was driving home thinking about everything, & you kept coming into my mind. Would you like to go out when I get back from Vegas, just you & me?" Of course, I will. But his "Musician Image" was one of the total rock star, they has so many groupies there, he seems like the studdly-wuddly type. So he might have been saying I was on his mind just to get into my pants. Who knows? But he's pretty cool, so it won't hurt to get to know him better & see what happens.

I will have to tell more stuff later, gotta dash to work!
real Alice

So tired......

Okay, totally stressing.

"Wizard of Oz" opens voice is SO almost's truly hanging by a thread. I am supposed to sing a big solo tomorrow, & I don't know how in the world I can do that. Tonight at rehearsal my vocal cords were just screaming!

Not to mention the fact......almost no one knew their lines tonight, & we open tomorrow. Grant (Scarecrow) knew his the best, & he still dropped quite a few. Erik (Tin Man) was a mess, I wasn't spectacular, the Good Witch was just learning hers, Aunt Em & The Lion & the Wizard were just learning theirs.....tomorrow should certainly be interesting. I think I will have most of mine down by the time we open....I hope.

I'm too tired to write any more tonight...but hopefully, I will get to write some tomorrow night after the show.