October 5th, 2001

real Alice

Excitement filled day

Lots of different emotions from today. Let's see if I am not too tired to talk about it a bit.

Worked on "Friends" today. It was cool because I met a lot of fun new people. While I didn't meet them, I stood right next to all the cast members. Jennifer Anniston seemed really nice. Matthew Perry played around with the studio audience (he has also put on a LOT of weight). Matt le Blanc kinda of kept to himself, & so did David Schwimmer. Lisa Kudrow is just as funny in real life as on the show. The guy who plays Gunther (James Michael)was REALLY cool....just a GREAT guy.

I was surprised by how much make-up they wear. They just really cake it on! Even the guys wear quite a bit.

I took Courteney & her assistant each a yummy scented candle. It wasn't a "kiss ass" gift as much as I was raised to show appreciation. I am appreciative of what they did for me, & I wanted them to know. It's not like it was a big gift. I was walking back from the commissary when I saw David Arquette run out of the stage to get some food. He smiled at me, & I ran to get the candles to give to him to give to Courteney. But I just missed him. So I gave them to the security guard, & he said he'd get them to her.

Later, we shot our first scene ("our" meaning us extras), in Central Perk. The scene involved Lisa, David, & Jennifer. We finished up the scene & they moved on to another set. I sat down on the "Friends" couch (the one they sit on in Central Perk, & it's really comfy!) to wait for our next scene. I look up & see that Courteney has just come through the door, David Arquette on her heels, & she almost immediately makes eye contact with me (I THINK my grandmother sent a picture of me with the letter she wrote). I then hear her say to David, "I'm not sure which one she is." Then she looks back at me again, & I waved, like "It's me!" She comes over & shakes my hand, tells me it's nice to meet me, & introduces her husband. She then sat on the coffee table across from me, & I am sure at this point the other extras were wondering what in the heck was going on (the celebs usually barely even acknowledge the extras). David Arquette is REALLY nice, but very quiet & shy. It's such a contrast to his public persona. Anyway, they start shooting a scene, so Courteney moves to sit next to me on the couch. What struck me is that she seemed really comfortable with me right away. There were no airs, & no walls. It kinda felt like we had known each other for a while. She almost freaked when I told her we literally grew up right down the road from each other, on the same street. David couldn't believe it either. We discussed our old high school, & how while we were both in sororities (her in TKD & me in ADPsi, we had miserable school years. According to her, the popular kids were so mean to her, her mother had to speak to the principal. The popular kids were so mean to me that I would call my mother, crying, & ask her to come pick me up. It really seems that we have a lot in common. She really seemed to be genuinely enjoying the conversation, when they moved on to the next scene, which she was in. She said she wanted to talk to me more later, & she & David left.

After we finished our last scene, we were wrapped to go. I asked the 2nd AD if I should stay around to talk to Courteney or just go. She went to ask her, & Courteney told me to just go on & go, since they would be a while still shooting, & she'd talk to me more later. Apparently, she requested that they bring me back to work on the show again, cause Esther (the 2nd) asked me if I'd like to come back again. She said, "Did you have fun?" When I said I did, she said, "So you'd like to come back & work with us again?" And I said that absolutely I would. The crew were really nice. The other regular extras were really nice. Courteney was really nice. I would love to work there on a regular basis, even though there are 3 weeks that I won't be able to, because of my show. :-(

Security on the sets was crazy. If you drove on, they thoroughly checked every inch of your vehicle. As I didn't, I had to go through a guard gate, he checked for my name in the computer, had to see my ID, & then I did a U-turn & parked in a lot across the street from Warner Brothers. I then walked across, & after going through a metal detector, had my bag & purse thoroughly checked, & my ID checked again. Then when you got to the stage, you went through ANOTHER metal detector, & had your bags thoroughly searched AGAIN. This, all thanks to Osama Bin Laden. I think it was a bit excessive. I am all for anything that will potentially save lives, but if they are thoroughly checking all vehicles AND bags AND people, why would they have to check you AGAIN at the stage? And while the head of security for "Friends" was a nice guy, I thought he worried a bit too much. For instance, while I was waiting for Esther to talk to Courteney, I was standing off to the side, where Esther asked me to wait, & the extras had already been dismissed. He came up to me & said, "Hi, Cassie.....do you need to be here?" As if I was in the way, or bothering something, or a threat. That bothered me a little. And then Esther walked up & he questioned her about why I was still there (even though I had JUST told him), & didn't bother to move away, but stood right in front of me while having the converstation with her. I heard her say something like, "She's friends with her, she wanted me to check to see if Courteney wanted to talk to her before she left...." I mean, geez....cut me some slack, jack.

Other than that, it was nice. It was a fun experience. I hope I get to talk to Courteney more, because I think we'd really get along. I know I sound like a crazed fan saying that, but it's not as if I am trying to get to be best buddies with the entire cast. I frankly couldn't care less about the rest of them. I just think that we have a lot in common, with our upbringing & my grandmother being friends with her mother, etc. We really did seem to have an easy chemistry.

We'll see.