October 18th, 2001

real Alice

Good stuff, bad stuff, interesting stuff

Well, I had a very interesting day, all before 1PM.

It started with an audition for a commercial agent. This was in interview I got basically through Alex Plotkin, the PhillySwirl guy. He had had an actor/producer email him about his product (Michael Silverback), & he got in touch with Michael to see if he could help me. Michael was apparently impressed with me, because he called his agent & asked him to meet me. Well, it all got arranged, & Brandon---the agent---works for an agency called BBA (Bobby Ball Agency), which is pretty well known. I really don't know how great or not great they are, but they certainly seem better than most.

Well, Brandon loved me. I feel a bit egotistical saying that, but he really did. We just hit it off. I was making him laugh, I really charmed him. I was worried that he may not like me, but things went smoothly. I read two commercials---Pepsi One & Thrifty/Payless---and after I read, he commented that I had a "great voice." Of course, I hate my voice, but if HE likes it, if producers/directors like it, FABULOUS! :-) Nothing is certain at this point.....I go back Tuesday for a call-back, to meet another agent. I guess she is the one who makes the final decision. But Brandon seemed confident that she would love me. So we'll see. But I left feeling really great about it.

I have to have an agent. I have to. There's not other (legal) way of knowing about auditions. BUT....I know from personal experience that having an agent is NO guarantee of getting work, or even auditions. I have had agents in the past who never got me auditions. So this could be good, it could be great, it could be nothing.

Then I went to another audition. This is the interesting part. I went to audition for this Hollywood nightclub called "Deep." I had called inquiring about auditions, & they called me a couple of days ago & asked me to come in today. The club is simply amazing, & I didn't even get to see all of it. It was odd, though....when I walked in, it seemed to smell like pee, & the people who worked there (one might have been the owner, I am not sure) were all smoking, even though there were "no smoking" signs everywhere. Hmmm. Anyway, I KNEW I was WAY out of my element when I went to change into my black slip dress (that basically goes below my knee) & thigh-high fishnets & low-heel character heels.....and came out to see all the other girls in bikini sized tops & bottoms, 5 inch f-me boots, fishnets, etc. The most scandalous thing about my outfit was the fishnets, but those aren't really even scandalous. I pulled one strap of one shoulder of the dress off....but that didn't help much. Boy...did *I* feel out of place. I am MANY, MANY things, some good, some bad....but one thing I am NOT & will NEVER be is TRASHY. The other girls...they were very talented dancers, most were attractive to pretty...but they were all TRASHY. You know how you can just look at someone, look at their hair, look how they are dressed, or see just a certain attitude of trashiness. It's not usually anything you can help, it's usually the way you are raised. But trashiness abounded in that room, & I felt out of place.

So...here's what we had to do. Deep has many, many "dance boxes." They are two-way mirrors. When the dancers are not performing (they JUST added men), they look like mirrors. But the dancers go into them, flick on a light, & suddenly, the box is brightly lit. It's like having a private dance in front of you. Sometimes you are in a "box" alone, sometimes you are with another girl or two, or a guy, or a guy & a girl. Things get racy, but don't cross the line into porn, or anything. There's no nudity, it's more like Fosse-type clothes (they told me on the phone to wear a "slip-like" thing, which is why I chose the slip dress over what the other girls were wearing, which I do have). So....sweet little innocent me had to go into this box & put on a sexy show. Bumping, grinding, dancing, etc. What's weird about it---but good---is that, because it's a two way mirror, you are looking at yourself in a mirror the whole time. You are just watching yourself dance & be all sexy. That was helpful to me, because if I had had to see people, I seriously think I would have died. But this way, you can even manage (or try) to forget that anyone can see you. But....I still felt conspicuously out of place. All these girls were dancers.....I am an actress who can move well. These girls were grabbing their legs & practically pulling them behind their heads. Ummm...no, I am not a pretzel. And because I was practically fully dressed, & had nothing making me feel sexy (I have to FEEL sexy, for a reason), it was difficult for me, but I gave it the old college try.

We weren't in there long (it was halved by a curtain, & there was another girl in there with me on the other side). There were 10 or less people total, of those one guy. The ones they liked went up more than once (I did not), & stayed in there longer. I knew they weren't the slightest bit interested in me, I am quite sure they took one look at me & could tell I was out of my element. Although....the one guy auditioning---this really cool, handsome Black guy with cool dreads---beckoned me over after I came out. I had confessed to him that I was not a dancer, & that I felt really uncomfortable. He motioned to me when I was done, & when I walked over, he said, "For someone who claims to not be a dancer, you were bustin' a move up there. I think you looked great." I said, "No, I felt really stupid." And he said, "You couldn't tell from down here, you were covering it really well, you looked great." I told him it was very nice of him to lie to me like that. :-) As I was leaving, the girl who is already a dancer there---I think her name is Jennifer---called me over & said, "I just wanted to tell you that you looked really great up there. I don't pick--they do---and I have no idea what they are looking for, but you really did do well." I said, "I am a bit more the....innocent type." She said, "I know, and it's hard if you haven't seen it done. Come out one night & watch what we do. Some girls try it & hate it, you just never know. You just have to get comfortable with it...but you did great." I thought it was nice of her to lie, too.

I am going to go check it out one night. It's such a cool club. What a neat idea....dancers behind a two way mirror. "LA TIMES" did an article recently on Deep. I believe there is one dance floor where dancers dance in a see-through ceiling above you. How cool is that? I think I would have a blast doing it, especially interacting with others---even women---but I doubt they would ever choose me. Celebrities go to Deep all the time, it's "THE" hotspot right now. Young alcoholic Barbara Bush (the Prez's daughter) was photographed in Deep. They serve food, too, I guess, but mostly it's a dance club. It's HOT. And it would be so much fun...but again...I am hardly their type. I was visioning them coming up with a clever idea for me....put me in a "box" with a sluttier looking girl & guy, & have me be the "innocent," the shy little lamb. That would be fun. And truthful.

It's even more interesting to me, because a few years ago, when I worked in an office building at Hollywood & Vine, I used to eat little mini-pizzas where Deep is now. It was like a little candy/chocolate store, that served personal sized pizzas. And now it's this hip nightclub. It looks very nondescript on the outside, it looks like nothing...but it's truly amazing inside. I was just happy to be there. As I left, I turned to the auditioners & said, "Thank you for the opportunity."

After the audition, I walked back to my truck....and had a damn parking ticket. **sigh** And I just have SO much extra cash right now. Right.

What a full day.....but exciting.
real Alice


This company wanted me to come up with a $500 start-up fee JUST to be registered with an online EXTRA casting agency! $500 fee to be an extra? Ya gotta be kidding me??? You can join most extra agencies, including the main one---Central---for a $10 photo fee.

It bothers me that people swindle struggling, gullible actors like this....

On a different note....I have decided to write to the owner of Deep, if I don't hear from them. I am going to ask him for an opportunity to observe for a while, & then re-audition. Jennifer may be right, I may not even like it once I do it (if I do it), but I feel this desire to try. I do have a very sexy side that I wouldn't mind tapping into a bit more. I just feel like this is a challenge I want to take on....even if only temporarily.