October 28th, 2001

real Alice

Great opening night

My show opened last night. We had a fantastic audience, which is almost bad. To have a great audience for the first performance almost spoils you, because you don't always have one. Some days, the audience laughs everywhere they are supposed to (sometimes even where you DIDN'T expect it), & other times, the audience is almost dead.....you can hear crickets chirping. **chirp-chirp-chirp*** That's such a drag. You feel, "Dammit, I'm not funny!" But then audience members will come up to you after the show & enthusiastically spew about how great you were & how much they loved the performance. Well, why didn't you react? Some people are just not reacters. Some people need to feel it's okay, by hearing others laugh first, before they feel they can. That's funny to me. If something's funny, I laugh. If no one else does, that's their problem.

I was a bit worried about my solo song, but I got all the words out correctly & just tried to have fun with it. I got lots of laughs on my monologue, & according to the director, they really liked my office girl monologue, the one I do with the overly perky, bubbly Bronx accent (not such a great one, either....hey, I am Southern). Everyone in the cast did really well, it was a great night.

I am about to leave for a matinee....and the Sunday audiences tend to be silent. Bummer.