November 8th, 2001

real Alice

A Fun Night

Last night was a good night.

A guy who is in my show with me, Dean, invited me to go see "Flower Drum Song" at the Mark Taper Forum. Lea Salonga was the star. It was a really enjoyable show....not the best thing I have seen, but still good. Dean & I had a Krispy Kreme & Creme Soda before the show. I ended up knowing someone in the ensemble. Robert Pendilla...we performed together in the "Lion King" parade at Disneyland. He came out after the show & we talked for a bit, it was so nice to see him. I also had him do me a favor. See, Dean had originally bought the tickets for his boyfriend, Rick's, birthday, cause Rick is a HUGE Lea Salonga fan. But at the last minute, Rick couldn't get out of work to go, & was seriously disappointed. So I had Robert go back inside & get Lea to sign my program "To Rick, God Bless, love, Lea Salonga." Dean couldn't believe I did that, he was so touched. I said, "Yeah, I have this really nice streak in me, it's annoying." Rick was so happy, too. They are going to frame it. I was pleased that I could do something like that for them. And it was the least I could do, for free tickets. Lord knows, I couldn't have bought myself a ticket.

So we took the Metro Line. That was my first experience with that. I am a little nervous riding underground in earthquake land. But Dean says you are actually safer there, cause nothing can really fall on you....except maybe a sinkhole! Yikes! What a great deal! I can go to different places in Hollywood or Universal City for $2.70, round trip! Awesome! I have never done public transportation.

So on the way back, I saw two other performers from Disneyland on the Metro Rail. It was so funny, cause they got on the other end of the car (& of all 8 cars, they just happened to get on MINE). The guy (I can't for the life of me remember his name) looked down at me, & I started waving (it's probably been 4 years since I've seen them). He looked over at Tricia, & I could tell he was saying something like, "Do we know that girl waving to us?" She looked down & squinted at me. I finally yelled that it was me, yelled my name. She freaked out, & came walking towards me, so I got up & met her half way. She said, "I was thinking, 'Who's that pretty girl with the long blonde hair waving at us'!" It was so nice to see them, but it was really brief, cause they got off at the next stop.

It's a small world after all.....
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real Alice

(no subject)

I'm about to log off, but just thought I'd do a quick entry. I am having "coffee" with Garry tomorrow morning, so can't stay up as late as I have been (I put that in quotes because I wouldn't touch coffee with a ten foot pole!).

I am so excited! A bunch of my friends are coming to see my show this weekend! I really haven't had anyone come to see me yet!

Amy & her mom, Julie & her boyfriend, & my friend Paul are all coming tomorrow night (Fri.). It's a possibility that Erin might come, but I kinda doubt it. There's also the possibility that Kenn might come, but I haven't heard from him, so I don't know if he's made reservations or not. I know he really wanted to see it, so I am surprised he hasn't yet.
Mary might go tomorrow night, too, as might Maranda....but I am still waiting to hear back from both of them.

Then Saturday night (which is SOLD OUT!!!), Alicia is coming & Cherie might come with her. Daniel & Marcus are coming. I think that's it for Saturday night.

Then Sunday, my ex-boyfriend, Robert, is coming & bringing his sister, Becki. I suspect it will be really strange to see him again. The physical attraction will still be there, I am certain...but so will the knowledge that we have little in common.

I think that's it....but that's great! I can't wait! And it will be great to have a few friends in the audience on Sat. night, & a sold out house, cause that's the night they are video taping. :-)

Something is wrong with my stomach...perhaps it's a virus. I don't feel very hungry, & I have an almost constant stomachache. I had a terrible stomachache this morning, took some Pepto Bismal, & now my stomachache is back. I talked to Alicia earlier today & she said she is experiencing the exact same thing. Weird.....

Anyway....I am SO happy my friends are coming to see the show!!!!! Wooo-hooo!

Although (here's the jaded side of me coming out), I suppose I should wait & see if they actually SHOW up before getting too excited...after all, these are California people, & California is like a bowl of cereal.....remove the fruits & nuts & you still have the flakes! ;-
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