November 9th, 2001

real Alice

The New Friend

So the episode of "Friends" that I did was on last night. You could totally see me! I was behind the couch, at the counter, in Central Perk. You saw just my long blonde hair most of the time, but there was actually a really good profile shot, where I was smiling, pretending to laugh at something that wasn't really said. Ah, acting is sooooo tough.

I hope I get regular work on was really fun, & boy, do I need the money.

I took Garry a cake for his birthday today. We met for "coffee." He didn't have much time, but he seemed to appreciate his cake. It was so soft (perfect, in other words) that it had kinda fallen apart, so I warned him that while it might look bad, it sure does taste good. Funfetti cake....the best there is. He's going to be 67 on Sunday.....he's like a grandfather figure to me. He's such a great man.

Finally paid my rent after my friend lent me $500 & my neighbor lent me another $100. **sigh** I am getting so deeply in debt to friends, I don't like it at all. I need to be able to rely on myself....but it's kinda nice to be able to reach out & rely on friends sometimes too....but it's tough. At least 3 of the friends have said I don't have to pay them back until I am able to...and Lord only knows when THAT will be. I've got some true-blue friends, that's for sure! :-)
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real Alice

Did I call it or what?

I knew it. I bloody knew it.

I had a friend flake out of my show tonight.

Amy was supposed to come up with her mom. They are both living with Amy's grandmother, & neither has a car. Apparently, Amy's grandmother didn't like them borrowing the car to go into Hollywood, so she wouldn't let them take it. So Amy had no way to get up here. Not her fault right? Not true. She easily could have taken the blue line to the Metro line & I could have picked her up at the station, if she had ever really wanted to go. She whined, "But that takes an hour!" I pointed out it was just now 5, & therefore, she had 3 hours. Then her excuse was, "But I have no cash on me!" It takes under $5 to take the lines, & she does it all the time to see her boyfriend, who lives in Hollywood. Who doesn't keep ANY cash on them at all?? **sigh**

Maranda never even called me back to let me know either way. Cheri might go tomorrow with Alicia, but I count on her to flake. At least Mary did call to explain why she couldn't make it (she's in Santa Barbara with her boyfriend, a good 2 hours away).

So Julie & her boyfriend are still coming tonight. As is my friend, Paul. And tomorrow night, I still have Alicia & Daniel & Marcus (if THEY don't flake!)

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