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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Friday, November 23rd, 2001

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Black Friday
OK....so today was my first & LAST foray into Black Friday Land. I need a new color printer cartridge, & since I have today off (my only day off this week), I decided to run over to Fry's Electronics. I easily found a parking spot, & the store didn't appear THAT crowded (Fry's almost always has a long line anyway, particularly after 3PM). So I find my cartridge, & go to get in line. And then I discover that the line is probably about an hour long. I couldn't even find the end of it. The only hour long lines I will wait in are for amusement park rides, & that's pushing it. So I put the cartridge back & high-tailed it out of there. I can wait to print anything in color until Monday, when I'll go back. So, um...okay. Why aren't all these people at work? Everyone I know had to go back to work today. The day AFTER Thanksgiving & the day AFTER Xmas are NOT holidays. The post office is back running....there's your biggest indication. Why aren't all these people at work??? What are these people doing out shopping like that? I am not talking about women you could assume are housewives....I am talking about business men, etc. You CRAZY people are willing to wait in hour long longs & shove around people just for a good sale? I mean, shit....I am Queen Shopper, & since I am broke, I LOVE a good sale as much as anyone. But are you people nuts? To wait in those long lines...for a sale???? Nuts, nuts, nuts, I tell ya. I had heard that malls & places like Target & Wal-Mart would be crazy-busy, but I (wrongly) assumed that Fry's wouldn't be so bad. And I thought since I was going around noon, as opposed to after 3 or 5PM, that most people would still be at work. WRONG-O! Simply unbelievable. I will remain at home for the rest of the day (made a quick pit stop by the post office to mail an early Xmas gift to a friend....and oddly enough, THEY weren't that busy), & shall not dare to venture out again on Black Friday. To me....as broke as I am....no sale is worth it.

Well, I am actually going to go & try to get some cleaning done. I don't have another full day off until next Thursday, although I don't have to leave for work Mon-Wed until 2PM.

I hope that they call me to work on "Friends" next week....but if they do, it's going to cause a problem with Knott's on Friday, since I am scheduled to work that day. Not to mention, it would take away any day off I have next week. My supervisor at Knott's has us scheduled 6 days a week for the holiday season (a good thing, I guess). But I will gladly work 7 days a week if I get to work more on "Friends." Ideally, I would prefer to start working with them after the New Year. We'll see.

Current Mood: surprised
Just had an old-fashioned moment....

I was microwaving my bacon for a BLT (hold the L & the T). While the bacon was already cooking, I realized my bread was moldy. Honest, it wasn't even that old. So I went next door to my neighbor's to borrow some bread! Not a cup of sugar, but close! He had 3 slices....perfect. I offered to pay him back when I get a loaf tomorrow, but he said it wasn't necessary. He's the best neighbor. I'm so thankful for him.

Well, in all my cleaning, things look worse rather than better. I guess that's normal. Monday, I'll have some time to do some more.

Last night, I erased the names & email addresses of people I don't talk to anymore, or people who changed their email without telling me. It was kinda a sad process. There were some people in the book that I didn't even remember. I erased a lot of people. I shouldn't always have to be the one to keep in touch...email goes both ways.

Wooo-hooo! N*Sync concert on in 1/2 hour. :-)

Current Mood: excited
I am simply disgusted with today's events. The news was showing a clip shot from a Wal-Mart in Utah. The shoppers were being REALLY mean & nasty to each other. I am not sure who was in the wrong, but either way, it's wrong. It seemed as if someone was trying to cut in line in front of people who had been waiting for hours (& since the Wal-Mart opened at like 5AM, waiting for hours means a lot!). The person who had been waiting was the one being downright mean. The look on her face....if looks could kill. I am not saying she wasn't justified...I HATE line cutters. It's extremely inconsiderate. Anyone who cuts in line & tries to skirt past people who have been waiting (in car or on foot) is an absolute asshole who doesn't deserve to live. I detest people who feel like their life is more important than anyone else's. But....to get that nasty...at the holidays...when the world is in the state it's in....it's disgusting. Getting that nasty over getting a $50 VCR or $1 bottle of laundry detergent is sickening. Suddenly, we are fighting with each other, getting mean & nasty in a time when the world is in pain, OVER A SALE!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me! I think the stores shouldn't have these sales anymore. This is insane. Or at least have the sales for a week, not just one day. People are willing to beat each other over a sale. That's awful. I can't believe that anyone would behave that way---getting THAT angry over a line cutter OR being rude enough to cut in line---over a bloody sale! It's silly beyond words. What is this world coming to? We are willing to kick each other's asses over a cheap Game Boy??? Come on people! This is just crazy! I am VERY disappointed in humanity at this moment!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: disappointed & saddened

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