November 26th, 2001

real Alice

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So I met that guy, Sammy, from the internet today. It was kinda funny, cause all day I tried to keep it from my friend, Erin, at work. For many reasons. For one thing, every time I tell the girls I am meeting someone from the internet, & I have to tell them that it didn't go well, I feel lame. So I prefer to meet guys, & if it GOES well, THEN I tell them about him. Also, she gives me a hard time & lots of safety lectures about meeting people off the internet. And I get tired of hearing it. So I didn't tell her that I was meeting Sammy at Claim Jumper for dinner after work. Then she tells me that her mother (whom I call "Mommy") was coming to see the tree-lighting show, & asked me to go to dinner with them. I said, "I can't, I have plans." "With who?" (she's as nosy as me!) "With my friend, Sammy...we're going to Claim Jumper." What friend is this?" "Just a friend." "Did you meet this guy on the internet?" (she's not stupid). "Yes." (disapproving look) So she & her mom & her aunt decide to go to---where else---Claim Jumper. So due to a mix-up, Sammy thought we were meeting at 8, & I thought 7:30, so it looked like he was standing me up. I was standing outside & it was about 7:35, 7:40, & Erin came outside & found me. She convinced me to go sit with them until he got there. So I sit down & find out that Erin has told her mother & aunt that I am meeting a guy from the internet. So I get grilled for a few minutes, have you seen his picture, etc, etc. Then the waiter comes by & says, "Can I get you anything?" And I say, "No, I am only here for a minute." And Erin loudly announces to the waiter---a COMPLETE stranger---"She's meeting a guy from the internet!" I immediately turn to Erin's mom & say, "Didn't you teach this girl some manners?" Erin plays the innocent act & is like, "What???" I said, "Hello? I'd rather everyone not know!" And then I stood up & announced to the entire room, "Hey, I'm meeting a guy from the internet!" Not THAT loudly, but loudly enough. I sat back down & was like, "I'm 30 years old, I don't go to bars & clubs, how am I supposed to meet guys? At Knott's, where they are all 18 & working for minimum wage? No thanks." And her aunt says, "Back it up! You are 30???? I thought you were about 18!!!" **big grin**
Heh-heh! So anyway, I went to go check again around 7:55, & Sammy was literally just walking through the door. I recognized him instantly. We said our hellos, & I told him he had to come meet my friend & her family really fast, cause they thought I was making him up...or that he was standing me up. He gets really nervous, thinking he's going to have to pass the "friend test" so quickly, or perhaps thinking I invited my friends along to meet him. I introduce him to Erin, her mom & aunt, & we go back to sit & wait for our table. Suddenly, I feel my purse vibrating, & realize I am getting a phone call. No one ever calls me. So I excuse myself, & see to my amusement, on the caller ID, that it was Erin calling me. I say, "Yessss?" And she says, "He's cute, & my auntie Deb wants his email address. OK, bye, have fun." :-) Silly girl. Wow, if I sent Auntie Deb the picture of him with his shirt off (he is seriously cut), she'd REALLY want his email addy! So we go back to eat, & we didn't leave until a good 10:15 or so. We were among the last people to leave, & it was PACKED when we got there. He said he's here until the end of the week, & he'd love to see me again if he can.

Well, I have mixed feelings on all this. I mean, if he calls me, yes, I would probably definitely see him again. But no way in HELL am I going to get involved with a guy who lives clear across the country. He lives in CHICAGO, for Jiminy's sake! If I had or he had oodles of money, it would be a different story. But I cannot EVER (right now) afford to fly there (I DO love Chicago, though), & I wouldn't/couldn't expect him to fly here all the time, especially since he actually has a job. I am adamantly opposed to long distance relationships. No disrespect intended, but I think people who willingly get involved in a l.d.r. are fools. I am not talking about people who's s.o. travel a lot. Or being heavily involved with someone & he/she has to go away for 6 months....I am talking about person A living in California & person B living in Chicago & them saying, "I think we can make this work." Bullshit. That's just pure crap. I wouldn't even want to get involved with someone who lives "just" 2 hours away. I want my s.o. to share all of life's good & bad times with me. If someone close to me dies, I don't want to have to CALL my s.o. & hear him say, "Sweetie....gosh, I am soooo sorry. I will comfort you when I am out there next month." That's bull. Or have something GREAT happen & hear, "Sweetie, that's fantastic! I tell you what, we will celebrate big time when I see you in a month!!!!" BULLSHIT. That's utter crap. You cannot maintain a healthy relationship when you see your s.o. once a month (or less). You cannot. ESPECIALLY when one partner (ME) HATES to talk on the phone!

So yes, I liked Sammy. He's handsome, kind, smart, funny.....we definitely had some chemistry going on, I thought (obviously, he thought so, too). But...what would be the point? If I see him again this week, what would be the point of even kissing him? It really can't (or shouldn't) go any further. I don't generally (yes, I owned up to "generally") sleep with a guy that quickly, nor do I like the thought of a guy coming out here, getting a piece, & flying home....and who knows when we'd see each other again? That's silly. If he lived here....I imagine this would be a whole different story. But he doesn't. He lives thousands of miles away.
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