December 5th, 2001

real Alice


What is the difference between pantyhose & the Bin Laden?

There is no difference. They both irritate Bush.


Ernie is sleeping under my chair. Toby is snoring in his doggy bed. I think I have decided to try to find a new home for him. I simply cannot afford to feed him, & if something happens to him, health-wise, I cannot afford it. I think he deserves better. Obviously, it will be hard to find a home for him, given his age & energy (old & out-of-control). But it never hurts to try. I love him to pieces, but I honestly think he would be better off with a family who could handle his energy & give him more attention.

Still sportin' whatever weird illness I have....bad headache with fever. Don't know what's going on.

My landlord stopped by today, & asked for the rent (only cause he was here for another reason, he wouldn't have come by just for that). I asked him to do me a favor & not cash it until I get paid on Friday, but I think I might not have enough to cover even then! Yikes! Don't know what I will do.

I have so many bills to pay that haven't been paid....overdue bills...and Xmas gifts to buy. And no money.

I am making Xmas CDs of my fave songs. It's fun.

A friend is removing me from her friend's list. I am kinda bummed about that. But I think it's the right decision. I have very passionate opinions, & some think I am "negative," & judgmental....and some people don't like that & don't need that in their lives. I respect the decision she made, & think it's for the best. I am 90% positive, 10% negative (or less), but the problem is, since I see my journal as a venting device, most of my negative goes here!

I'd better get to bed. I finally got my film out of my camera (called Canon & felt like an idiot, cause it was *I* who was doing something wrong...there was nothing wrong with the camera), & I have to drop it off at Sav-On on the way to work tomorrow. I also need to call some used-car agencies to see if they will buy my car, & work some more on my Xmas CDs.
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